WHO IS COMING FOR TAYLOR SWIFT’s JOB?! 🔪 👀 #taylorswift #ttpd #erastour


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  1. Gay gay gay gay gay gay

  2. I think it's a fairly obvious message that most "newer, younger, fresher" pop girlies would crumble under the weight of the "Eras" tour. I think Taylor realises she herself would not be able to do this 10 years ago.

  3. It’s actually her saying “Try and come for my job” but ok.

  4. at least she doesn’t have to worry about Billie coming for her job since she’d never perform for 3 hrs plus! Sorry, couldn’t resist!

  5. You two are idiots who should shut up. It sounds like a lot of jealousy to me. You sound so so immature 😂

  6. Hi are you going to some of the concert??

  7. i think "try and come for my iob" means: "think twice when you think you'd like to have my job, because it's fucking hard".

  8. I feel like that line and little old me are related too. I’m wondering if this line and Who’s Afraid… are directed at the pop starlets like Olivia Rodrigo and Billy Eilish who she seems to have a frought relationship these days .

  9. It means if you think it's so easy doing it with a broken heart, try and come for my job.

  10. She didn't say "don't come for my job". "Try and come for my job". Like, you can't do what she's doing.

  11. "Taylor released 3 voice memo's on the release of HMH&S 😡😡" girl she's an artist she can do whatever she wants

  12. She gave it up. Dating a pfizer sales rep is her own doing.

  13. Those are the kind of gays I can’t stand.

  14. Not don’t but try and come; she’s challenging anyone to do what she does and can do. She is so capable of much more and it’s scary what she already has shown she can do!!! 🦾🦾🦾🫶🏻

  15. I think that she’s just saying people should try to do what she does as well as her as successful as her. Like. If you think it’s easy and simple, so come here and do it yourself

  16. I thought she was feeling empowered lol

  17. She is saying "try and come for my job" its a dare not a threat.

  18. i think people act like what she does it useless and easy and she’s saying “oh you think you could do it? give it a try see how hard it is” because what she does isn’t just a meaningless task. That’s my personal view tho.

  19. i think she means no one CAN come for her job. no one is going to kill her vibe enough for her to give up her passion.

  20. She says “try to come for my job” haha meaning you can’t do what I can do

  21. Don't come for my job?? What the fuck song is that from?!

  22. I think it's like if you think this is easy and all roses, think again . "Try and come for my job.."

  23. Dont come for swiftilogist's job!

  24. As if ANYONE could do Taylor’s job…💅🏻

  25. She loves being powerful and beloved. She is enormous in pop culture now and clearly wants more. She doesn't want to give any part of the spotlight to other musical artists, especially pop stars, or celebrities. She's warning them. Don't try to cancel me or slander my reputation, don't come for my number one spot on the billboards, don't eclipse me because you think you're young and new. She's holding on to what she has with white knuckles because she knows, and has known since at least the Red era, that society discards female celebrities very quickly and for very trivial reasons. Don't replace me. Don't defame me. Don't challenge me.

    And for that, as y'all would say on EOAS, "we have to clap and cheer."

  26. Zack and Madeline’s facial expressions!😂🤣
    Who’s afraid of little old me? ME! 😳🤣
    I honestly love that she’s clapping back! 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
    So yeah, let’s see who can do her job! 🎤 🎶 💃

  27. I think it’s “say what you want, but you can’t say I’m not good at what I do.”

  28. But she says Try come to my job. Because nobody knew how hard it was, assuming she's having a time of her life

  29. I'm pretty sure she's saying that no matter what she's feeling or going through that she's going to do her job with a smile, and no one else can or should even try to come for her.

  30. I think the industry likes to do away with "older" popstars to make way for the newbies….Creating media controversy, etc.

  31. I think she emphasises it to make it “chantable”. At the end of the TTPD set, it makes sense she’d get the crowd involved like that 🙂

  32. It’s kinda weird tbh

  33. Taylor's a queen slaying and she knows they can't touch her level of success!❤😂

  34. I love these two so much, a bug fan of the evolution of snake podcast too 🔥❤

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