Jim Parsons and Iain Armitage Talk ‘Young Sheldon’

Actor Iain Armitage talked to Ellen all about playing the kid version of Jim Parsons in “Young Sheldon,” and what it was like …

  1. I'm never leaving my Ed

    I left all other aliens and humans

  2. THE SASS😂😂😂😂😂❤❤

  3. Wait……… which Sheldon is sitting in his seat….?

  4. Jim (adult Sheldon) gave Iain (young Sheldon) his spot❤️

  5. He is such a kind expressive kid

  6. I love the boy Sheldon, but Jim Parsons isn’t at all likable to me as adult Sheldon. He ruins the show

  7. Ellen's comments are just eww.

  8. Oml Jim is so different irl

  9. I love how he said “ms oprah”

  10. Both are so sweet❤

  11. Cute. He looks like his grandma 😊

  12. So cute his memaw came to see

  13. I love his generations faces smiles😊

  14. Как я восхищаюсь этой ведущей всегда интересные интервью❤

  15. Sounds like Biden and Ophra walk the same walk while smelling children. Sickos!

  16. Ellen just seems like she doesn't even care

  17. Heard it here first, he likes men

  18. Man, Iain is a kid with the mentality and expression of a very well-mannered adult.

  19. He’s such a little diplomat. Oprah’s awesome … you are too Ellen.

  20. I think she's confusing Oprah with Joe Biden…

  21. Just finished season 1. Entering season 2 of Young Sheldon. This kid is awesome and meemuo


  23. Oh my god I love both of them so much

  24. Hello ❤😍🌹 Have good day

  25. Love him sooo much 😅❤❤❤❤

  26. I think lam going to be sick.

  27. These 2 (oprah and ellen) wanna pawn him off to the hollywood execs

  28. When he said grandma I was waiting to see memaww

  29. ヤングシェルドンからイアンくんの沼にどっぷり浸かってます。本当に可愛いすぎるな

  30. He reminds me of the little eccentric kid from Curb Your Enthusiasm

  31. I think we know what team he’s gonna play for.

  32. Iain Armitage has more decency and manners than ellen

  33. HE'S SO ADORABLE ❤❤❤❤

  34. Bruhhh i thought Meemaw was her grandmother 😅😅😅

  35. I love you Jim Parsons 💞💞💞

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