Inside Zak Brown’s garage – A tour of McLaren F1 boss’ car collection | Supercars 2023

Supercars presenter Neil Crompton takes a personal tour of McLaren F1 boss Zak Brown’s incredible car collection. The Repco …

  1. Honestly think Crompo could’ve spoken for hours about all these cars. His enthusiasm and knowledge of a variety of motorsports is awesome.

  2. Very interested in the cars and what the fellow and what the fellow had to say, but couldn't stand the music, so I watched 30 seconds. what a waste.

  3. ZAK BROWN from Gomersal? Use to race for Jim Lee Racing?

  4. Bawakanga ke rumah besok nah no. 10

  5. Thanks for the private invitation Zak…

  6. Out of all of em I would want Nigel Mansell KMart indy Lola car it's so beautiful that's RS300 omg that cosworth V6 is best V6 to Busso

  7. I wish the music was a little louder and Crompo a little quieter. I could almost hear what he was saying

  8. Zak Browns belly is too fat to fit in 3/4’s of those cars

  9. Scott mclaughlan the kiwi

  10. Zack Brown is the boss of my CAZZO!
    Ron Dennis is an eternal McLaren´s Boss!

  11. Well, he's milked Mclaren for all they're worth. Pity they didn't get a proper CEO who had the vaguest idea whst to do in the auto and motorsport industry. Hope he leaves soon and Ron has the money to buy them out. The company is pretty much ruined.

  12. The only thing missing from Zax's collection is Ricciardo's car.

  13. When danny ric drove dales nascar and realized it was faster then the mcclaren f1 car he knew he was in trouble

  14. What a awesome car collection!!!! Must take some stupid amount of cash to have this sort of collection.

  15. I couldn’t imagine having the money to own even one of those cars, let alone that many. 😮

  16. Neil Crompton needs to start a motor racing show. His knowledge on motor sport is second to none

  17. Crompton could have spent a week walking those rows and telling stories. Racing is his life passion. I remember watching him drive Bathurst every year when i was a youngster.

  18. Great work as always Neil. Should've had Brad Jones along for the tour!!!

  19. Terbaik boss….😊😊😊

  20. Can Zak Brown fit inside a race car? He’s a big boy.

  21. Zeke browns the man that'll be known as running mclaren into the ground
    Rip mclaren

  22. Crompo thanks for the great memories👍

  23. You on holidays mate ? Don't be too long we need you back in 🇦🇺🤣👍

  24. Wow some serious big boy toys there 👍

  25. No doubt Crompo is a living legeng!!!

  26. Beautifully and knowledgeably presented. For me the music was unnecessary but… top work.

  27. Who was the idiot who edited this?

    Heaps of logos filling my screen but no idea about the cars they are on. Jesus. Show us the car, not the bloody logo design.

  28. Such a great video, and an epic collection, maybe lose the over the top music though! It’s very distracting! I want to soak in the ambience and hear the story of each car.

  29. Fantástico lugar!! 👍👍🇪🇦🇦🇷

  30. A great story from the oracle himself, Mr N Crompton

  31. Where are the race 1 – 4 highlights from Melbourne??? Please don't tell me F1 or the promoters have copyright/dibs over all races throughout the weekend?

  32. Absolutely epic place. I imagine it would be simply overwhelming to visit there. So much history.

  33. Crompo should view the DJR sierras that are here in the UK before going back home

  34. Now. Get Rid of the Stupid Gen 3 cars. And race actual cars..
    Not mecanno covered plastic crap..

  35. Think I glimpsed a Ford Escort Cosworth Rally in the background when he went upstairs, with the Repsol livery (maybe Sainz' car?)

  36. Outstanding collection….. I'm always impressed with car collectors and they're gorgeous beautiful machines they collect over the years!

  37. Has he got the MP4/4 in there?

  38. Neil, you can't just give us 9 mins of this stuff and leave us hanging. We need more , where's part 2 and all the others , when are you going release them ?

  39. Zak "cant be trusted" Brown.

  40. Not long enough, show some more.

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