House Of The Dragon Season 2 Black Trailer Breakdown

It’s finally here the House Of The Dragon Season 2 Trailer. HBO Max has decided to release 2 trailers for #TeamBlack and one for …

  1. That's why you shouldn't try to explain shit…without even reading the OG content….It has nothing to do with race dumb ass.

  2. What are you talking about? It's colors. You are dumb

  3. the hashtags for GRRM's recent not-a-blog post on Dreams are 'Writing' 'Dreams'!!!!

  4. You tryna get tongue cut out with that line about Jace

  5. Did you say he looks Strong!!!!!! Take his tongue!!!!

  6. I'm not sure how to feel about them playing up the Team Black vs Green fandom bullshit. But it'll be funny when they get to the climax of this season and suddenly Team Black is going to reallly look bad.

  7. “It was more like a documentary” 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Green and Black are the colors of the Hightower and Targaryen sigils. How do you not know that

  9. What will probably happen is Jace tries to fly beyond the wall but his dragon won’t go. Happened in the books with Alysane when she was at the wall.

  10. All the people nit picking the black and green faction names, guys it's totally reasonable. A good writer doesn't spell everything out which is why the Hightower burning green and the green dress scene weren't right next to each other in the books. But that is still 100% why she wore green in the books and the show. Also if you name the Hightower faction greens it's pretty logical to call rhanyras factions black as she's always decked out in her house colour's and calling them the red and blacks is even more dumb.

  11. Is it confirmed that there is no Greyjoys in this season? Would it not be stupid to not include the Red Kraken? He is a spectacular character.

  12. I dont think showing the isle of faces is a nod to book fans its just what should be there

  13. The Greens, or Rootless Cosmopolitans

  14. Hmm, seems Wildfire munitions would have been pretty useful during this war…. 🤔 . I wonder what the Pyromancers were busy with

  15. White walkers showing up in this series would be a TERRIBLE idea.

  16. The Strong comment was outta pocket. 😂

  17. Idk what kind of joke you are trying to portray about team black, but it’s well established in the books. Rhaenyra and her supporters mostly wear the Targaryen colors, black and red, while Alicent and her supporters mostly wear green. It extremely clear where the names come from, nothing racial.

  18. Let’s go let’s go!

    Hmmmm. Thinking about this is making imagine this, season 1, and GOT if the following had been true:

    Aside from the Hand and Lord Commander, the members of the Small Council are the Masters of:
    – War
    – Trade
    – Land (a fusion of the departments of agriculture and the interior)
    – Coin
    – Laws
    – Roads
    – Whispers
    – Citadel’s Voice
    – Care (programs that help people)
    – Sanitation
    – Hearth (basically Department of Housing)
    – Foreign Relations
    – Borders

    – The Hand is also head of a small council that only focuses on Kings Landing (has several equivalent positions on it to the Kingdom’s Small Council). The goldcloaks work for the Kings Landing Master of Laws.

    – By the time House of the Dragon starts, Daemon is the Master of Whispers for the Kings Small Council. Also it’s a tradition in the Targaryen family by this point to assign extended members of the Targaryen family to a position called “Kings Eye”. It’s somewhere between special envoy and an internship.

    – on average, if you were to ask the Aristocrats of Westeros, the cultural belief about “advancement into the aristocracy” would be something like “it should take a minimum of 4 generations of such advancement to have a family be considered good enough to become minor nobles”.

  19. PJ Podcast when?

    Season 5-8

  20. Loved the jokes and no filter thoughts lol. I hate how other channels pretend to act so professional. I too want them to stay tf away with the callbacks/refrences towards season 7/8 of GoT. I hate being reminded this show leads to that mess. Subbed, great video 👍 I can’t wait for season 2

  21. The Targaryen banner is Black & Red? The Hightowers Banner is Green.

  22. It would be cool to see Cregan Stark explaining to Jace why it's important that The Night's Watch has a constant supply of good soldiers and not just prisoners. At that point, previous Targaryen rulers had sent the guys from The Warrior's Sons and The Poor Fellows up there as punishment. As the book readers remember, it did not go well. So, getting to see a Northerner telling a possible future King even the cliffsnotes version of significance of The Night's Watch would be cool enough. We don't even need to see anything supernatural.

  23. Rhaenyra’s side was called The Blacks in the book…

  24. ?? The Greens vs Blacks thing comes from the books. Rhaenyra and Alicent wore famous green and black dresses, and the factions were called the greens and blacks well before the show was ever announced. It’s absolutely not a racial thing at all, that’s more of a slightly awkward coincidence if anything

  25. With the Gods Eye and the Isle of Faces, since one or both of these will be important locations later in the Dance, I guess the show wants to set them up now, especially since GoT omitted them?

  26. Team mean green vs team sad black😂. Let go green

  27. Maybe you should stick to other videos of you don’t know about the blacks and the greens..

  28. Aegon's prophecy dagger… aaaargg I think my issue with it is A) Aegon didn't do anything to help the Night's Watch, apart from causing the northern armies to march south, nearly burning them alive, and burning the Lord Commander's brother Harren to death along with his sons, seat of power and armies, all of which seems extremely counter-productive and B) prophecy in ASOIAF is almost always interpreted short-sightedly? Everyone thinks its about themself or the people around them, so while its great that Viserys assumes his prophecies all about his family, it doesn't fit for Aegon to write "from my blood" like he knows its going to be a distant descendant?

  29. 3:10 geez thats a ton of weirwoods

  30. I'm so exciteeeed arghhvgsjhihb

  31. Carmine when are we getting a podcast about Dune?

  32. I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict this show might not carry the audience they had in the first season.

    I’ll admit, I probably won’t watch it. I’ll watch the YouTube recaps from my old friends but until we have a completion to the books, I’ve checked out. National politics today is WAY more intriguing than an HBO version of a story we already know.

  33. Really good video! It’s clear you put a lot of thought into what you were going to say

  34. Must not have read the book. Greens and the blacks are heavily explained there…

  35. Team Black… am I allowed to say that?

  36. Poor Rhaenys her whole character arc is just to drop trailer bait one-liners

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