Celebrity Big Brother Chris Kattan Explains Why He Left The Show

Celebrity Big Brother Chris Kattan Explains Why He Left The Show https://youtu.be/fk-EXrIKbBg Celebrity Big Brother Shanna …

  1. He made the right choice in leaving , I'm sure Todrik would've done him dirty .

  2. I really like Chris and wish him the best. He knew going in that crazy house what was up. I give him credit. I couldn't do that crap.

  3. he is an oddball!! he is a total cringe!

  4. He seemed so unhappy in the house. Now we know why. He looks and acts so much better outside of it.

  5. I honestly have no idea why he joined big brother…I am a fan, it was disappointing to see him not even play the game.and then quit 🤷

  6. Chris said something which makes sense to me why celebrity big brother show was all about playing with integrity and not backstabbing because their celebrities people look up too, that is important so what you say and do even if it's big brother show it goes on for life. So it wise that his game play and also as a person is with integrity.

  7. That’s something the show could do give the house guests an idea of the fan response in a comp add fan points

  8. As a person who has to take Ambien to sleep, I have to wonder if Chris cake eating escapades occurred because of Ambien!!

  9. Guy looks mentally ill. That's what Hollywood does to ya

  10. Honestly it was 4 weeks not 3 months. Everyone who enters that bb house knows what they’re in for. If they don’t, it’s because they never watched the show or didn’t bother to look into what was expected. I like Kattan from his SNL days. But he went on bb for exposure since he was pretty much invisible career wise for many years now. I get all of that but let’s stop with the bs excuses. He was clearly out of his element and knew he had zero chance in any competition, whether physical or mental. Clearly his brand of physical comedy took a toll on him. I hope he does well and his projects work out for him. But I will say, the bb casting was odd to say the least. Everyone is exiting the house with shock at the backstabbing and petty stuff that went on in the house. Hello, have any of you watched bb. For them to say, this is celebrity bb, we should be different. So, I guess per usual Hollywood peeps are better than us ordinary folk. BB exposes one thing. We are all the same and when challenges or loss of freedom is involved, we all will react and sometimes it isn’t pretty, especially when money is involved.

  11. Loved Chris from Snl and of course Night at the Roxbury. Absolute legend 🥰🥰🥰

  12. If a family member dies while a BB contestant is in the house, they tell them immediately.

  13. Chris was my favourite in that house. But he did the right thing, he seems happier now. Live good comedic genius!

  14. I was really worried about him. Glad he is doing well.

  15. Get out of the closet. You're not fooling anybody. And you never did.

  16. I love Chris and root for him but he is painful to watch in an interview.

  17. I was sad to see you leave. Glad you are better. My favorite SNL skit is the Mississippi lawyer!!!

  18. I want another night at the roxberry i don't know about anyone else with him and will and maybe their teenage sons teaching them how it's done lol

  19. Glad this popped into my notifications.. I was not a regular viewer, and missed why he was gone…

  20. He absolutely made the right decision to leave the show. I felt so bad for him, he looked so uncomfortable in the house. Best wishes Chris….

  21. Chris was the sole reason I even watched this show. I was sad when he left, but I am so happy that he is doing well and that his family is good. You are awesome Chris!!! 💜

  22. Love you Chris…mmmmm cake 🍰! ♥️🤗🥰

  23. The cast seemed to really love him as a human. I think that was wonderful.

  24. He looks so much better! Good for him!
    He's not a conniving scheming human. He's so gentle.

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