Big Brother | Pilot Season Trailer | 2000

The official launch trailer for the debut of UK Big Brother, Season 1, which aired on Channel 4 in June 2000. A fine advert for the …

  1. Is this version of the theme available to buy / download?

  2. Oh, the simple joy of early Big Brother. Ordinary house, no upside down, underwater, inside-out, back-to-front, stupid theme. Ordinary people, no freakish, argumentative, incoherent, unhinged nutters. No half baked, under produced, attention grabbing twists. No fakery. No nomination rigging. 24 hour live footage. The glory days. The painful irony is, today's ramshackle embarrassment which has the nerve to call itself Big Brother could easily turn the show around overnight simply by taking the format all the way back to where it all began. Easy as that. They work themselves into the ground, manufacturing happenings and situations galore, when all it takes is to butt out and leave it be. It says something when even Channel 5, of all stations, is ashamed to have it now.

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