Amber B, Stalked, Bullied and Misunderstood | The Challenge Documentary

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  1. Another great Challenge video! Well done. when your channel blows up remember I was your first comment on your first video. 😁

  2. It’s funny I came across this video because people were asking about the hate Amber got. I remember she said during the reunion for the last challenge that she was on that she was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 34 which explained her interactions with people. She wasn’t being fake at all.

  3. Amber is my favorite challenger

  4. Idk how people say that Tori is undeserving.. she’s a beast.

  5. Nothing Amber did was wrong …they were games! People always play the "backstabbing" card when they lose. They are jealous of her .

    …..kaycee is a lame fellow

    …..And Wtf is a fessy?

  6. Protect Amber B. Amber was so genuine & real. ❤
    I agree the drama that came her way was undeserved & unfair.

  7. Stalked ??? Poor girl . She seems like a nice chick

  8. I think it’s jealousy. Not sure what else it can be smh

  9. Dang, Amber has so many haters. She must be 🔥

  10. Ok I feel the exact same but about the challenge! (I never watched BB)

    I think people can’t fathom that someone can be as beautiful and kind as Amber is and they get jealous…because she is a serious sweetheart .

    Also, that dude is terrifying OMG he is obsessed with her

  11. This is the actions of many men . Delusional narcissistic thristy men .There are many women who are in graves because of People like Caleb ..

  12. You have turned me into an absolute Amber fan!! Honestly, I didn't know enough of her or about her to like her or dislike her. I've been extremely neutral about Amber but after hearing how awesome and genuinely kind this girl is…she has absolutely moved to the top of my favorites list! I had no idea how awful she was treated before the Challenge or during it. Anyway, thanks for such an in depth video!! It was awesome!!

  13. Amber B is honestly my favorite female that has came from the last 10 seasons, wish we see more of her…. plus shes 🔥🔥🔥

  14. I dislike Fessy, Kacie & Josh so much!
    Sore losers every single time!
    Glad Amber won! ❤

  15. People who don't like Amber B.:
    Amber M.
    Big T

  16. I love Amber and will never understand the hate against her.
    Tori can suck it.

  17. I was so happy when this video popped up because I was like " Finally Amber's mistreatment is being talked about " . The bullying she went through was outright disgusting , the girls were CLEARLY jealous of her , the guys ( yes plural ) were mad they couldn't have her, the ones who were just competition focus were jealous she won as a rookie . Amber is literally that meme/gif saying " Oh pretty girl , let's hate her " . Queen Amber deserved better .

  18. Queen Amber. She is one of my favorites from recent seasons. most of the other big brother players are not likable at all

  19. Amber and Cara should team up and kick everyones ass. They were both bullied and put down so much its crazy.


  21. Amber B deserved so much better than big brother, I'm so glad she got the chance to be on the challenge and be successful there. Way better than winning big brother.

  22. Berna had a lot of nerve talking about Amber, considering how much of an unhinged crybaby she was this past season.

  23. Never understood the hate towards her. She seemed chill.

  24. Also, everyone HATES Kaycee so …

  25. People who have demons can't stand people who are pure of heart. They can't even explain why…

  26. I think a lot of the girls were jealous of her beauty and her abilities! Most of them ran and got work done but Amber didn’t need it. She’s smart & strong too!

  27. That was a great video, I click so fast! The first season of the challenge I watched was ride or dies and I couldn’t understand why people hated Amber so much. So I went back to watch her rookie season and other appearances and they was no reason for all the hate!! I have such a soft spot for her as her announcing her ASD diagnosis actually lead to my own, after really connecting to how she was feeling and the information she shared about autism. Can’t wait for the next part!!

  28. I don't watch Big Brother, so I didn't know her and Caleb were on the same season. I know him from Survivor where he almost died of heat stroke. Seeing this side of Caleb is insane to me cause this is nothing like the Caleb I've seen on the 2 seasons of Survivor he was on.

  29. I feel like Kaycee saying she doesn’t trust Amber is just her trying to continue to get Amber to be in their alliance until they want to throw her in. By saying I don’t trust you could make Amber think she could earn Kaycee’s trust but really they don’t like Amber but if they gave that reason Amber wouldn’t go along with them.

  30. Love Amber. Look at her she is absolutely stunning. I think the others are jealous of her.

  31. Esther “the catfish” blocked me on instagram 😂

  32. I still can't believe they just let that crap continue on with Caleb and then proceeded to put him on other shows. I was so thrilled when she popped up on Chal 36.

  33. Why did Victoria call amber fake
    She should get a second chance
    What did Amber do to them

  34. been a fan of amber since bb ‪♡‬

  35. I indulge in many twitter fights defending this beauty..

    She’s like my home girl in my head 😅!

  36. messy fessy. I can’t stand him!!!! He is the biggest fake!!!

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