#6 – Closing The Lucinda Chapter For Good

Welcome to The Trent & Zac Show, your go-to for the latest gossip and in-depth interviews! In this episode, Zac addresses the …

  1. Thanks for your honesty, Zac. You are an amazing person.

  2. get me on that boat party in melbourne asap

  3. Damn I really thought it would be the other way around #DTB4L

  4. I don’t even know how to feel bad for Zac, because he said on the show that, he’ll also run someone over to get what he wants, just like he did with Nate.

  5. Guys you kind of sound like clout chasers idk I feel bad for you but you also sound like a kid . There’s a better way of dealing with it than posting immature shi online … like cmon mate you’re on a reality show even if it’s your first time you should’ve used your brain and realised maybe everyone on their isn’t gonna be 100% genuine and doing it for different reasons . She obviously has a career and most the au love island casts don’t so fair enough her management backing her and etc .. grow up man you need a reality check

  6. Zac, think yourself lucky…that girl (imo) is just fame hungry….No talent what so ever & when the "looks" fade…regrets will follow.

  7. I’ve watched Lucinda over the years since her 1st Love Island. I still remember when her and Aaron got eliminated, she sat back on the contestant bench like all she cared about is getting more airtime. Aaron was like what is going on?

    Just my clear memory of that moment. And also the producers used to create the most upsetting early ‘dumpings’ from the ‘island’ where Lucinda got to stay, and Brad had to go home.

    It’s sad that she didn’t think to do the right thing and not be fake for her followers.
    The influencer industry is fascinating but also really annoying.
    Protect Planet Earth and don’t treat other humans like crap.

    Yes I know it’s a long comment but I’ve been watching Love Island UK since the season 1.
    I think it’s interesting which contestants succeed in being authentic and kind.
    You are lucky to have a good loving Mum, Zac.

  8. So sorry that happened to you Zac, you did great.

  9. What a nice guy you are I’m sorry you had to go through this and I hope you will be okay. Glad you have Trent clearly a nice guy too wish it was shown more on love island. Only watched this one but I will continue now ❤


  11. 😢 so sorry Zac, her loss👌

  12. At this point in time definitely just sell some tickets because it sounds like i need to party with you !!

  13. Your love for her was obvious and genuine on the show. but even in the midst of your love high on the show she didn’t really lift you up during triumphs, she seemed to entertain the drama. Despite that she knew your heart…dived into the gossip and I feel helped carve you out to be someone your not. You are better off. As you are, Leaving humbly. Will take time to heal but you’ll move on and move forward. you will.
    sorry you had to deal with the level of hate. I mean mistakes were made yeah but you’re not perfect and those commenting with hate definitely don’t have it figured out. Regardless love how you always kept it real, and light even when you did the contraindicated thing haha. You can’t please everyone especially all the sensies and over opinionated.

    doesn’t look like you have but don’t change your humor and your freebird personality you guys. You guys both made the show so fun to watch. Had me and my Husband cracking up so often! Lightened up a pretty cringe show for sure! Seriously best season yet for humor.

    And of course Glad you didn’t get eaten by sharks Zac! God is watching over ya!

  14. looks meaning nothing when you’ve got a disgusting personality and cheat on your partner

  15. you were always my favourite in love island, never saw u as the yucky person people painted you out to be, go you zac for speaking up we would’ve never known how shady she really is

  16. My boyfriend and I would love to party with you guys!!!!! 🎉

  17. Nathan Dawe looks the same age as you guys

  18. man that’s awful😢 hope you are ok zac, you have a heart of gold💛

  19. You guys are the best! You’re a class act Zac!

  20. This is crazyyyy !! All the best in your future mr zaccy boyyy ❤️

  21. Yoooo I had a dream about Lucinda last week being with a creepy older guy 😳

  22. Zac I’m sorry you had to go through this ❤

  23. Keen to party with you fellas.

    Willing to pay for a ticket release haha

  24. Im from the USA and would love to party with you guys!

  25. 31:51 im sorry but you know damn well thats what the people are going to do 🤣

  26. Who’s the DJ? Have I missed something?😭🤣

  27. All of that just for some fame and money she’s just a spoiled privileged little brat

  28. You are such a good guy Zac I hope you meet someone as special as you are x

  29. Did she ever speak about the Chloe and Millie situation with you?

  30. the boat trip seems wild 😂 glad your safe, not many people would live to tell the tale 🌊good for you speaking about feelings! Your still young & will meet the one someday 🥰 great podcast guys!

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