The Conspiracies Swarming Campus Protests

Leah Feiger: Yeah, no, it’s not good over there.

David Gilbert: There’s a huge amount of content there that they could have worked with. But no, they’ve gone with blame the liberals, blame woke, blame the communists. And my favorite conspiracy was one guy just commented, “Defund white ladies.”

Leah Feiger: Oh my God, that’s incredible. I too blame all of that. Amazing. Okay, that was a really good one. Makena, hit me with yours.

Makena Kelly: Oh my gosh. Okay, so I have not been as glued in to conspiracies this week because I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the Kendrick Lamar, Drake, beef.

Leah Feiger: Oh, of course. Good. Yes.

Makena Kelly: And I am so incredibly invested. It has been crazy to wake up and have a new diss track that is just absolutely bonkers the past couple of days.

Leah Feiger: Amazing.

Makena Kelly: And so the one I guess that I can say I’ve been paying attention to is that this beef is some kind of globalist plot to distract people.

Leah Feiger: Stop.

Makena Kelly: To distract people from all of the, of course, terrible and awful things happening around the world.

Leah Feiger: Where is that conspiracy coming from?

Makena Kelly: Just about everywhere. I’m seeing it on Twitter, I’m seeing it on TikTok. I’m seeing it a lot of places. And I do think, honestly, if I had to say that a conspiracy was actually occurring from this, it was a conspiracy to bring Macklemore back because now he’s back with a song, which is something I was not expecting at all.

Leah Feiger: Incredible. Okay. Another really good one.

Vittoria Elliot: It’s beef and circuses.

Leah Feiger: I know. Okay, Tori, hit us with what you’ve got.

Vittoria Elliot: So my favorite thing is one of the joys of the TikTok algorithm is that it’s non-chronological, so it’ll just give you things when it feels you’re ready for them. And so this isn’t-

Leah Feiger: Also as a statement.

Vittoria Elliot: This one is actually from the fall, but TikTok decided now was my time. So now it’s everybody’s time. Which is in the fall, there was this woman who went viral and created a lot of follow on stitches because she was like, “Well, if dinosaurs are real, wouldn’t there bones be everywhere?”

Leah Feiger: Oh my God.

Vittoria Elliot: And so my favorite conspiracy this week from TikTok, because now is my time in the sun, is that dinosaurs were not real because their bones are not everywhere.

Leah Feiger: Oh, that’s a good one. Is she getting a lot of engagement on this?

Vittoria Elliot: She got so much engagement. Well, so it came to me via a stitch of, I think, a creator that I had recently followed. So then it was like, here’s their viral thing. Right?

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