‘Total lie:’ Ann Coulter denies opposing Ramaswamy’s presidency due to his race

Commentator Ann Coulter has denied saying she would not have voted for Vivek Ramaswamy in the Republican Party’s 2024 primary elections due to his Indian ethnicity, calling accusations of racism a “total lie.”

Coulter was on Ramaswamy’s podcast discussing nationalism in the United States, during which she said the country’s values revolve around the white Anglo-Saxon Protestant, which she referred to as “the WASP.” The author also explained the need for the U.S. to have a president who is naturally born in the U.S., arguing that many immigrants do not understand the importance of the First and Second Amendments.

“Oh, and I agree with many, many things you said during, in fact, probably more than most other candidates when you were running for president, but I still would not have voted for you because you’re an Indian,” Coulter said at the start of the Truth podcast. “We’ll get back to that, and it’s directly related to what you were just talking about.”

Coulter has since denied her statement and called an account that cited her statement a “total lie” on X. She made her denial while reposting a video of her saying she would not have voted for Ramaswamy due to his race. 

Ramaswamy has since made several social media posts about his conversation with Coulter, writing that she told him “flat-out to my face” she wouldn’t support him in an election. The former presidential candidate wrote that while he disagreed with her, he respected that “she had the guts to speak her mind” and described their conversation as “riveting.”


Ramaswamy suspended his presidential campaign after the Iowa caucuses and endorsed former President Donald Trump for president. Coulter previously predicted that Trump would lose the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential primary, though the former president has since become the presumptive nominee after all the other candidates dropped out.

Trump has not announced whom he will select to be his 2024 vice presidential candidate, though Ramaswamy is considered by many to be a possibility, tying with Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD) in a straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February. Other rumored candidates include Reps. Byron Donalds (R-FL) and Elise Stefanik (R-NY) and Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC).

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