Vietnamese Pennywort Green Juice (Nước Rau Má) — Vicky Pham

What is Pennywort?

The pennywort plant, also known as Hydrocotyle Ranunculoides, has flat, round leaves on a single thin stem. The leaves resemble miniature lily pads.

There are two varieties: one with glossy, more rounded leaves, and another with matte leaves that have more serrated edges. I have both in my garden.

Pennywort Health Benefits

Pennywort supports blood circulation, digestion, and is rich in vitamins B and K, magnesium, and zinc. It can also help with gout, arthritis, and high blood pressure.

Growing Pennywort

If you are interested in growing pennywort, it is quite easy to grow. You can grow from seeds but its easiest to propagate by dividing the fresh roots.

Placing them in garden soil or water and much like mint, it spreads out horizontally and can quickly take over your garden. Due to its invasive nature, it is highly recommended to plant it in pots.

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