Like most things, the art of effective speaking has evolved and changed. Accepted practices that once worked well haven’t necessarily withstood the test of time.

While principle never change, the way we apply those principles can and do change. Here are five key techniques that are powerful and relevant today.

1. Be more conversational and less formal: In the past, public speakers often adopted a more formal tone and delivery, which could come across as stiff or boring to younger audiences. Today, younger audiences tend to respond better to a more conversational tone and a relaxed, natural delivery.

2. Use multimedia: In the past, public speakers often relied solely on their words to convey their message. Today, younger audiences are accustomed to a constant stream of multimedia content, and speakers need to incorporate images, videos, and other visuals into their presentations to keep their audience engaged.

3. Incorporate interactive elements: In the past, public speaking was often a one-way communication channel, with the speaker delivering their message and the audience listening passively. Today, younger audiences expect to be more actively engaged in the process, whether that means taking part in a Q&A session, participating in live polls, or being asked to share their own thoughts and experiences.

4. Be authentic: In the past, public speakers were often seen as distant, authoritative figures who had all the answers. Today, younger audiences value authenticity and want to hear from speakers who are willing to share their personal experiences and vulnerabilities.

5. Support and complement your message with social media: In the past, public speaking was largely limited to live events and broadcasts. Today, social media has transformed the way that public speakers connect with audiences, allowing them to build a following and engage with their audience on an ongoing basis.

These are five simple but effective power moves you can use to be a more effective communicator and leader. Pay attention to the nuances of change in your audiences, but also remember that the fundamentals of good public speaking, such as clear objectives, a compelling message, and effective delivery remain just as important as ever.


Mark Sanborn is motivational keynote speaker and Leadership Expert in Residence at High Point University, the Premier Life Skills University. His presentations help the best leaders get better and inspire listeners to choose to be extraordinary. For more information about his work, visit 

Author: Mark Sanborn

Mark is recognized globally as an expert on leadership, customer service and organizational performance.

A member of the National Speakers Association Speaker Hall of Fame, he is the author of 8 books including the international bestseller, The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary
Into the Extraordinary.

Mark teaches his clients to BE EXTRAORDINARY™.

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