AOC highlights effort to ‘win’ against ‘barbarism’ for the future

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was adamant that she will not give up working to fend off a future she views as undesirable, saying, “we have to fight for each other.”

While speaking on Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-VT) podcast, AOC complained that people are forced to choose “between medicine and rent,” ostensibly because of perceived inequities in healthcare and wages, calling it “barbarism.”

“If we do not demand, and not only demand but win unions, healthcare, wages, ending endless war, then we will condemn ourselves to barbarism, and I refuse to give up,” the New York Democrat said as Sanders listened on. “I refuse to submit myself to that future. That’s not a life.”

The Vermont independent promoted his podcast episode, which releases Wednesday, by saying he and AOC “discuss what it’s like to take on the establishment, why we call ourselves democratic socialists, and what inspires us to keep fighting against long odds.”


Sanders and AOC are known as two of the most progressive politicians in Congress, often collaborating on policy, including protecting the environment and improving minimum wages and housing. In March, the two congressmen released a new “Green New Deal for Public Housing” meant to “reimagine and reinvigorate public housing in the United States.”

The allies have also both been critical of Israel in its military campaign in Gaza, calling for an end to Israel’s push into Gaza and the United States’s sending of military aid to the country.

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