Cotton argues Gaza war would ‘probably’ already be over under Trump’s leadership

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) contended on Sunday that former President Donald Trump would “probably” end the war in Gaza at a faster pace than President Joe Biden.

Cotton made the comparison when asked about a statement Trump made recently, in which the former president claimed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has “rightfully” been criticized for the attack against Israel on Oct. 7. The Arkansas senator argued that Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders have taken responsibility for “the failures on Oct. 7,” adding that a proper inquiry into what led to the Hamas attack would likely be conducted once the war is over.

“But President Trump said just last night that he would absolutely provide Israel with the weapons they need to finish the job,” Cotton said. “This would have never happened on President Trump’s watch. It didn’t happen on his watch. And if he were president, this war would have probably already been over, with much less civilian suffering in Gaza because he would’ve backed Israel to the hilt from the beginning.”

Biden signaled this past week that the United States would not provide Israel with weapons should Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decide to invade Rafah, Gaza. In criticizing Biden’s decision, Cotton argued that this decision is different from similar decisions made by previous presidents, including Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, as present-day Israel is currently “fighting a war of survival” against the Hamas terrorist group.

Beyond the war in Gaza, Cotton has also been critical of Biden’s handling of the campus protests happening across multiple colleges since last month, arguing that it will be one of the reasons why Biden will lose reelection this November. 


Biden’s recent announcement regarding withholding weaponry from Israel has prompted Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL) to file articles of impeachment against the president. Mills pointed to how Democrats impeached Trump during his presidency after the former president withheld aid to Ukraine in exchange for announcing an investigation into the Biden family. 

Trump called on Biden to return all the donations he has allegedly received from those who have financed the anti-Israel campus protests on Saturday. Like other Republicans, he also criticized Biden’s announcement of withholding weapons for Israel, describing it as “one of the worst betrayals of an American ally in the history of our country.”

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