“The Baby Is Sleeping!” Puppy Falls Asleep In Newscaster’s Arms And Melts Hearts Online!

A short video clip captivated viewers, and a sleepy puppy became the star of a live broadcast. During a segment on NBC10 Boston last month, anchors Colton Bradford and Melody Mendez were discussing the Boston Bruins’ playoff journey when they introduced a special guest: Bow, a rescue puppy from the American Rescue League of Boston.Here’s what happened next

Bow’s Appearance

Image Source Credit via Instagram

The purpose of Bow’s appearance was to raise awareness and help him find a home. However, during the broadcast, the little puppy unexpectedly dozed off in Bradford’s arms, leading to a charming scene that both anchors couldn’t help but admire. The endearing moment of Bradford holding the sleeping Bow was quietly celebrated on air as Mendez whispered, “the baby is sleeping!”

Bow Was Adopted

Image Source Credit via Instagram

The footage quickly captured the hearts of viewers, spreading like wildfire across social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, garnering millions of views. The widespread affection for the drowsy pup led to a wonderful outcome: Bow was soon adopted.

The story didn’t end there; the visibility of the clip also sparked widespread interest in the welfare of other animals at the shelter. Potential adopters began inquiring about Bow’s siblings, and donations to the American Rescue League of Boston surged.

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