Furless Puppy Goes On A ‘PJ Palooza’ To Keep Her Warm And Stylish

When a woman with Wags & Walks rescue group first laid eyes on Reese, a puppy with skin issues, she felt a wave of sadness flush over her. It was difficult to imagine what could have happened to this young pup to leave her in such a state. One thing was clear: a human had failed her. Despite her condition, Reese still had a glimmer of hope and a heart full of love. Many dogs suffer from medical issues, but some stand out more than others. Reese was one of those exceptional cases.


A loving couple, Walker and Rebecca, reached out to offer Reese a temporary home while she recovered. The couple was initially nervous because they knew Reese had a tough life, but they soon formed a strong bond. Reese took to Rebecca quickly, and although it took her a little longer to warm up to Walker, she eventually became inseparable from both of her new human friends. Reese quickly gained a reputation as an ’11 out of 10 cuddler’ with a love for snuggling in her cozy pajamas.


These PJs were not just for fun, though. Since Reese had little fur, her pajamas served a dual purpose: they kept her looking chic and cool while also protecting her from the elements. When the couple took Reese for walks, her stylish threads never failed to attract attention and compliments.

The Dodo, a popular animal-focused media platform, noticed that Reese could use another pair of PJs. They decided to treat Reese to a day of shopping. Walker and Rebecca took her on a shopping spree at a pet store, where Reese could pick out her own set of stylish clothes. With a passion for fashion, the couple was excited to help her find something cute and functional.


Reese tried on various outfits, including a bunny costume and a sports jersey. The couple marveled at how far Reese had come and how much she had grown since they first took her in. They were excited to have played a small part in her journey and knew that her future forever family would be incredibly lucky to have her.

Two months later, Reese found a forever home. The pup’s heartwarming story is a testament to the power of love and compassion. It serves as a reminder that even animals who have faced unimaginable hardships can still find hope and happiness in the right environment. Check out the video below to meet Reese and see her go shopping.

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