Vance defends Trump after remarks shaming Jews who vote for Biden

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) came to Donald Trump’s defense on Sunday after the former president’s recent comments on Jewish people that some deemed antisemitic.

During remarks this week, Trump said of Jews who plan to vote for President Joe Biden, “Shame on you.” Separately, he also said that Biden “hates Israel” and “hates the Jewish people” and that Jewish people planning to vote for Biden “should have their head examined.”

During a Sunday appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, Vance pushed back on the critics and said that he thinks “people should look at the record” and see that Trump’s presidency was good for the state of Israel.

“We had peace and prosperity in our country, and we had a very stalwart ally of the Israelis,” Vance said.

Vance drew contrasts to Biden’s presidency, noting the terrorist attack against Israel back in October and the protests that have roiled college campuses across the United States. He also accused Biden of trying to micromanage Israel’s response to the Hamas attack.

“Do I think it’s reasonable to look at this situation and say that, if you’re a Jewish American who cares about the state of Israel, who cares about these antisemitic riots, and say you should be on the side of Republicans in 2024 because they govern effectively on some of the issues that you care about, I think it’s a totally reasonable argument to make and I think Donald Trump is going to keep on making it,” Vance said.

Vance said that Trump hasn’t just singled out Jewish people but has “singled out a lot of people” for voting for Biden and has suggested “they’ve got to wake up” and elect him come November.

“I think the fact that Donald Trump is talking about Jews in that particular context does not mean he doesn’t think the same lessons apply to a whole host of American citizens,” Vance said.


The Biden campaign was quick to attack Trump over the remarks about Jewish voters this week.

“Like a cuckoo clock of hate, he is popping up every month with the same patronizing antisemitic shtick and reminding Jewish voters that he has no respect for us,” Biden campaign spokesman Charles Lutvak said in a statement.

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