Biden blasts Trump as ‘clearly unhinged’: ‘Something snapped’

President Joe Biden didn’t mince words about his rival Donald Trump, telling supporters this weekend that the former president is “unhinged.”

Biden held a private fundraiser in Seattle on Saturday and told supporters outside of the gathering that Trump is “obsessed” with his loss in 2020.

“It’s clear that … when he lost in 2020, something snapped in him,” Biden said, according to CNN. “He’s not only obsessed with losing in 2020, he’s clearly unhinged. Just listen to what he’s telling people.”

Still, Biden acknowledged to supporters that the coming presidential contest will be a close one.

“We feel good about the state of the race, but we know the race is close,” Biden said, citing recent polling.

Polling shows that the race between Biden and Trump is indeed tight, with some surveys showing Trump with a slight nationwide edge and others showing Biden on top.


A RealClearPolitics aggregate of recent polls indicates that Trump is leading by just over 1%. When other third-party candidates are thrown into the mix, polling indicates Trump is up by a higher margin.

Trump has been marred in legal controversy and is currently on trial in New York. Still, the former president has managed to attend some campaign events, including one in Wildwood, New Jersey over the weekend.

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