Top 5 Reasons Agents Prefer Tech Over Pay

Welcome to our exploration of the future of contact centers, guided by the groundbreaking insights from the Agent Experience Benchmark Report 2024. In this blog, we dissect the data to uncover a groundbreaking trend: the ascendancy of technology over pay in the eyes of customer service agents worldwide. Prepare to uncover the seismic shift in agent priorities that is reshaping the landscape of customer service as we know it.

(About the Report:
In partnership with Farrell Insight, a strategic insight specialist, has embarked on a mission to provide you with unparalleled insights. Our custom-crafted online study involved surveying a minimum aggregate sample size of 200 Americans, 200 EU citizens and 200 APAC citizens currently employed as customer service agents or representatives, aged 18-55, regionally representative with generational and gender breaks as they fall (to stay in line with general industry trends).

The Tech-Pay Conundrum

In a world where every interaction matters, what drives your agents?

In the past, a big paycheck was enough. Today, the answer might not be what you expect. Customer service agents worldwide are flipping the script, putting technology above hefty paychecks. Nowadays, it’s all about tech. It’s not just a trend—it’s a seismic shift! It is therefore unsurprising that Gartner forecasts that by 2028, approximately one-third of interactions with Generation Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) services will employ action models and autonomous agents to fulfill tasks autonomously.

According to our latest research, days of a fat paycheck ruling the roost are over. Yes, you read that right! Instead, it’s all about embracing the cutting-edge tools that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and overall job satisfaction.

But don’t just take our word for it—let’s dive into the stats.

Agents Shift Priorities

Customer service agents across the globe now see Automated Assistant Technology as more important than a fat paycheck.


Our MaxDiff experiment results reveal the truth: technology is the new king of the hill. In the US alone, a competitive salary or hourly pay rate has taken a back seat to the allure of cutting-edge tools. That’s right—having AI-driven Automated Assistant technology in the workplace is now more important to agents than nearly anything else.

Graph-01 (1)

But it’s not just an American affair—it’s a global phenomenon. From APAC to Europe, agents are singing the praises of technology over pay.

That’s right—technology is officially the new MVP of the customer service game.

Statistics Speak Volumes

Let’s crunch some numbers, shall we? Our MaxDiff experiment paints a clear picture: agents prioritize technology across the board.

In fact, 9 out of the 11 over-indexing attributes seen as important to agents worldwide revolve around Automated Assistant technology. What’s interesting is that a competitive salary or hourly pay rate is now playing second fiddle to Automated Assistant technology. It’s like the tech revolution has taken over the customer service landscape, and agents are here for it.

Talk about a game-changer!

What’s Driving This Moment?

So, what’s fueling this tech frenzy? Well, it’s been a long time coming.

Let’s rewind the clock a bit. The rise of AI-driven Automated Assistants didn’t happen overnight. It’s been a slow and steady ascent, fueled by exposure, experimentation, and innovation. Over the past few decades, we’ve witnessed the gradual ascent of intelligent software. From the first hints of AI in the 50s to the mainstream explosion of Generative AI in 2023, the journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Exposure has played a pivotal role—each positive interaction with new technologies in the workplace has fueled confidence and understanding.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Call center training has also been a game-changer.

Agents exposed to AI-driven tools are more excited about the possibilities of AI in the workplace compared to their counterparts. And when we look at it regionally, the USA and APAC are leading the charge, with agents in Japan and The Philippines particularly focused on the latest tech.

Regional and Generational Perspectives

Zooming in, we see clear trends emerging.

USA and APAC are clearly driving the new prioritization of AI-driven Automated Assistants in the workplace. Agents in Japan and The Philippines are particularly focused on the latest tech.
Now, let’s talk about generations.

While older agents may still have their eyes on the prize when it comes to pay, they’re not immune to the allure of AI-driven tech. In fact, agents across the board—from Gen Z to Boomers—are all on board the tech train. 

And let’s not forget about industry trailblazers!

Retail, Cable/Telco/ISP, and Banking sectors are paving the way, leveraging technology to redefine industry standards and drive transformative change. These industries aren’t just dipping their toes in the water—they’re diving headfirst into the world of AI-powered assistants, setting the standard for success in customer service worldwide.


Why Tech is Outshining Pay?

Alright, let’s dive into the heart of the matter: why technology is taking the lead over pay in the realm of contact center operations.

  1. Swift Customer Service: Ultra-Precise and Prompt

    Ever wished for lightning-fast and spot-on customer service? Imagine arming your agents with superhero tools that predict consumer needs before they’re even asked for. Instead of just big paychecks, empower your agents with these high-tech tools that work like a crystal ball for customer service! Through predictive analytics and real-time data processing, they anticipate inquiries, personalize interactions, and offer immediate solutions. This not only speeds up response times but also ensures pinpoint accuracy, minimizing errors or misunderstandings. As a result, customers receive prompt, precise assistance tailored to their unique requirements, leading to heightened satisfaction and loyalty.

    It’s like giving customers VIP treatment every time they call!

  2. Agent Zen: Less Stress, More Success

    Think about all the repetitive tasks agents have to do manually, like typing in data or searching for information. Technology can take care of these tasks, saving agents a lot of time. This means they can spend more energy on helping customers with their problems, building relationships, and adding value to their experience. As a result, agents feel more satisfied and engaged, which benefits both them and the customers.

  3.  Customer Delight: Tailored Support, Every Time

    Now, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. They seek personalized, proactive support delivered seamlessly across channels. With AI-powered tools, your agents can deliver just that—prompt, personalized assistance that leaves a lasting impression. Through intelligent routing and prioritization, customers are seamlessly connected with the most suitable agents or resources to address their needs promptly.

    Moreover, AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants stand ready to provide round-the-clock support, empowering customers to resolve queries or issues at their convenience. By delivering timely, relevant, and personalized assistance, technology fosters positive interactions and strengthens relationships with customers, thereby enhancing satisfaction and driving repeat business.

  4. Happier Agents, Better Work!

    Think about the impact of technology on your agents’ satisfaction, engagement, and retention. By equipping them with cutting-edge tools and resources, technology fuels job satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty. Recognized and supported by organizational investments in innovation, your agents feel valued and appreciated, leading to heightened engagement, motivation, and loyalty. This, in turn, translates into reduced turnover rates and a positive work culture. Furthermore, by providing avenues for skill development, growth, and advancement, technology paves the way for career progression and longevity, ensuring a stable and fulfilled workforce.

  5. Tech Breakthroughs: Setting the Bar High

    Technology isn’t just improving individual interactions; it’s transforming the entire customer service industry. Companies that embrace advanced tools can deliver service in new and better ways, setting higher standards for everyone else. By using data and insights from AI, businesses can understand customers better and stay ahead of the competition. And as they become more efficient and effective, they also save money and increase profits, ensuring long-term success.

So, What’s Next?

The future is now and is undeniably intertwined with technology.

As evidenced by the insights from the Agent Experience Benchmark Report 2024, the shift towards prioritizing technology over pay is a global phenomenon that demands attention. Embracing this tech revolution isn’t just prudent—it’s imperative for contact center leaders to stay agile, relevant, and responsive to the evolving needs and expectations of customers.

Moving forward, it’s essential to consolidate our understanding of these insights, streamline our approaches, and capitalize on the transformative potential of technology. By doing so, we not only stay ahead of the curve but also pave the way for enhanced efficiency, improved customer experiences, and sustainable growth.

Technology isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity.

So, let’s embrace the opportunities it presents, equip our teams with the tools they need, and forge ahead into a future where tech trumps pay.

After all, in a world where the only constant is change, it pays to stay ahead of the game!

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