Thursday’s News & Ideas – 4/25/2024

A Russian Orthodox priest who took part in services for Navalny is suspended by the patriarch
Associated Press: Dmitry Safronov took part in Navalny’s funeral as well as presiding at the commemoration on March 26, the 40th day after his death — an important Russian Orthodox tradition.

In ‘Rift,’ author Cait West talks breaking free from Christian patriarchy
Religion News Service: As a stay-at-home daughter, West was told what to wear, whom to court and how to serve her future husband.

Cecil Williams, reverend who turned a church into a safe haven, dies aged 94
The Guardian: The longtime, legendary pastor of San Francisco’s Glide Memorial Church was an advocate for civil rights and social justice.

How a pirate-clad pastor helped ignite Trump Media’s market frenzy*
The New York Times: Chad Nedohin, a part-time pastor, is among the fans of Donald J. Trump who helped turn Trump Media into a meme stock with volatile prices.

How to find your faith*
The Atlantic: The key to transcendence starts with a practice, not your feelings.

The Spark

Shakespeare and fanfiction 
Shakespeare and fandom go hand in hand, both historically and in the contemporary sphere, says JSTOR. For starters, there’s a strong argument that Shakespeare himself was basically writing fanfic.

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