Temposchlucker: Tempo moves

In order to iron out the wrinkles in my thinking, I might reshuffle the categories a few times. Please bear with me.


  • B.A.D. (Barely Adequate Defended) piece
  • Insufficient defended piece
  • B.A.D. (Barely Adequate Defended) invasion square
  • Insufficient defended invasion square

Status of defense

 Elimination of defense

  • Annihilation of Defense
  • Blockade 
  • Clearance 
  • Deflection 
  • Decoy 
  • Interference
  • blocking 

Tactical motifs with tempo

  • Discovered attack 
  • Double attack  

Preparatory move with tempo

  • clearing 
  • chasing 
  • targeting

All the above areas can be improved by just making sure you see the salient cues. Just guide your attention to it, and the eagle does the rest. You can SEE:

  • whether a piece is BAD
  • entering an invasion square will cause havoc
  • the status of a defender
  • a tactical motif like double attack etc.
  • a preparatory move

I made these lists with salient cues where it suffices to zoom out and let the sharp eye of the eagle work its miracles, to distinguish it from the following:


Tempo logic

Tempo logic is an area where the eagle flutters around somewhat incoherently. The logic isn’t generalized and formulated yet, so it is not ready to be automated. It is not rocket science though. We talk about logic that is definitely position independent. For instance:

  • exchange
  • additional punch
  • stepping out a threat
  • stepping into a threat
  • trading off a hostile piece that threatens you

Once the logic around these issues is formulated, the hope is that the eagle takes over and works its miracles.

Of course there too is logic that is position dependent. That cannot be generalized, hence it is not transferable to another position. That is not what I am talking about.

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