Nintendo Download: 30th May (North America)

Image: Inti Creates

The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it’s bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch eShop – Highlights

STAR WARS: Hunters (Zynga, 4th Jun, $0.00) – Choose your Hunter and fight for glory in this new 4 vs. 4 arena shooter! Dive into this free-to-play experience where strategy and skill pave the way to victory. Battle as heroes of the Rebellion, Imperial stormtroopers and everything in between. Join forces with friends and conquer the battlefield on your journey to fame in the Arena. Customize each Hunter by collecting and equipping them with fun and unique costumes, animations and weapon appearances, making for an impressive competitor that stands out on the battlefield!

Switch eShop – New Releases

A Cat & His Boy (RAWRLAB Games, 30th May, $2.99) – Take on the role of Midnight, Leif’s mischievous cat, and help your human friend through a rough time in his life. Explore, find items and use all your feline intuition to bring joy and comfort back into Leif’s life!

Animal Farm Jigsaw Games for Toddlers, Babies and Kids (McPeppergames, 28th May, $9.78) – Discover a colorful world of farm life with our Jigsaw Puzzle game, designed especially for preschoolers and toddlers! “Animal Farm Jigsaw Games for Toddlers, Babies and Kids” is an interactive early learning game that helps young children improve their cognitive skills, problem-solving abilities, and fine motor coordination. Assemble delightful farm and barnyard animal puzzles featuring cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, and more. This is a perfect puzzle for babies and older kids alike.

Arcade Archives LEGION (HAMSTER, 23rd May, $7.99) – “LEGION” is a shooter released by Nichibutsu in 1987. Operate the “LEGION” an aircraft equipped with a new weapon, the “TIME BOMB”, to defeat the Dark Empire. The “TIME BOMB” can be used to stop time and rewind the enemy’s movements. Also, you can get bonus points if you can put a rescued soldier on the rescue aircraft during the area.

BEASTWATCH: Meat & Mayhem (Somnambulist Games, 20th May, $11.99) – Plunge into an unimaginable macabre nightmare in Beastwatch, a terrifying first-person shooter that immerses you in the heart of darkness. On your first shift as a security guard at a shadowy slaughterhouse, you expected a quiet night, but blood spills, and hidden horrors emerge as the animals take a sinister turn.

Big Top Best Kids Games Bundle (McPeppergames, 28th May, $99.98) – With this huge game bundle, you get 17 of the top McPeppergames titles and educational games for kids. You save a lot of money compared to single purchases.

Burst Hero (Happy Player, 30th May, $11.99) – 19 heroes, 41 weapons, 31 types of bullets, 76 cards, 17 talents, 5 challenging maps, and 20 difficulty mechanisms. Fast-paced gameplay, easy to learn. Each battle lasts about 10 minutes, offering both casual and fun experiences. Unique weapon system and imaginative bullet designs. Different weapons and bullets have completely different mechanisms, parameters and skills. Strategic card system. Building your deck can create different gameplay styles. Diverse level challenges. Each level has different enemies and different mechanisms. Each game has a different experience. You can unlock the final dynamic level, and all the gameplay in the level is random.

Capes (Daedalic Entertainment, 29th May, $39.99) – Superheroes clash in this turn based strategy game Twenty years ago, the supervillains won. Since then, they’ve created a dystopian city where developing super powers is a crime. Nobody has managed to slow them down, until now. Capes is a turn based superhero strategy game where you build a team of heroes and fight to take back the city. Played across a series of campaign and patrol missions, choose to push forward with the story or take the time to explore the side missions and unlock more heroes, earn skill points and complete challenges, and learn more about your heroes lives. – Read our Capes review

Car Games for Kids & Toddlers Bundle 3 in 1 (McPeppergames, 24th May, $29.99) – With this game bundle you get 3 fantastic, high-quality children’s games for children aged 1 to 10 and save money if you buy the bundle instead of the individual games. All of the graphics were hand-painted by the illustrators in our indie studio. All of the car games included in the package are suitable for both preschool children and older children.

Color Water Sort (QubicGames, 31st May, $4.99) – Use your head and arrange colored liquids to solve unique puzzles! Master the art of water sorting and rise to the top as a champion! Strategically move the water until every color is separated, proving your puzzle-solving prowess! Immerse yourself in the challenge of sorting water into tubes with the same colored liquid on top. Remember, the tubes can’t be full for the water to go in. Plan your moves carefully to avoid losing!

Cook ’Til Escape~Nyanzou&Kumakichi: Escape Game~ (AlignmentSharp, 20th May, $14.70) – Day in and day out, Nyanzou always looks like he’s up to something. Sure enough, this time he tells Kumakichi that he wants to open a restaurant. Kumakichi, thinking it’s the same old same old, shuts the idea down all cold and distant. Just when Nyanzou is taking a walk in a field at a loss of what to do, a shady shadow appears… This time, Nyanzou & Kumakichi will run a restaurant! Kumakichi runs around cleaning up Nyanzou’s mess. Will Nyanzou actually learn how to cook?!

Cyberpunk Paradise Elysium: The Visual Novel (Aldora Games, 24th May, $4.99) – In a dark dystopian future, brave journalist Alex embarks on a dangerous investigation into disappearances, uncovering an intricate network of corruption led by an imposing corporation. As she fights to unearth the truth, she finds herself in the middle of a fierce battle against powerful interests that seek to silence her at all costs.

Democracy 4: Console Edition (Auroch Digital, 5th Jun, $26.99) – You will then govern the country as you see fit, while trying to retain enough popularity to get re-elected. Democracy 4: Console Edition is the ultimate sandbox for testing out your political ideas. We all think that we could do a better job ourselves in running a country compared to politicians, but is that really true?

Downward: Enhanced Edition (Plug In Digital, 4th Jun, $9.99) – THE LAST JOURNEY BEGINS… Downward will let you set off on humanity’s final adventure, to seek out an explanation for the apocalypse that changed the Earth as we know it. Taking advantage of parkour techniques and of the mysterious power you are given, you will traverse astonishing and dangerous ruins of past civilizations, all to find the legendary artifacts meant to control the deadly calamities that came to this world. You won’t be alone in this, but what can you do? This world is not for humans anymore…

Dreamland Solitaire: Dark Prophecy (ESDigital Games, 29th May, $5.99) – Enter a world of magic in a stunning new solitaire adventure! Guide a kind-hearted fairy, a noble knight and a powerful wizard as they pursue the evil witch, Jill, who intends to destroy the knight’s realm and enslave its people. Purchase this game to begin an unforgettable journey through a realm unlike any you have experienced!

Early Learning Games for Kids, Toddlers & Babies (McPeppergames, 23rd May, $9.78) – Dive into the colorful world of a farm and experience an interactive learning adventure with our touch-screen peg puzzle! Children playfully discover vegetables, sunflowers, fruit, and much more by fitting moving objects into predetermined shapes. But it’s not just about vegetables and fruit—letters and numbers are also part of the adventure, allowing kids to playfully expand their knowledge of the alphabet and math.

Easter Bunny: Bubble Shooter (Artem Kritinin, 23rd May, $2.99) – Immerse yourself in a fascinating world of coloured bubbles and puzzles in every level. Use the solar laser to aim and shoot to make the game convenient for people of all ages. At each level, new surprises and challenges await you. You can use fireballs to break through all obstacles, and rainbows will help you explode large clusters of bubbles. Get bonuses like plus 5 to get more balls and complete the level. This game will help improve your child’s cognitive skills and give you a lot of fun.

Echoes (Nova-box, 29th May, $9.99) – Follow the clues, question a cast of quirky and intriguing witnesses, and solve a mysterious murder case in the rural American Northwest. Uncover the secrets of the apparently sleepy little town of Greenhearth, where the deeper you dig, the more you risk awakening Eldritch horrors. Will you crack the case with your sanity intact?

Electronics Puzzle Lab (eastasiasoft, 23rd May, $4.99) – Awaken your inner engineer with the brainteasing circuitry of Electronics Puzzle Lab! In this fun and educational 3D puzzle game, your task is to inspect circuit boards and make adjustments to power LED lights. Take a seat at your workbench, cut wires, flip switches and more as you trace the path of the current.

Ghost Teen Escape from Limbo (eastasiasoft, 5th Jun, $4.99) – What is a recklessly adventurous kid to do when he ends up stuck between life and death? In Ghost Teen Escape from Limbo, you’ll have to exploit your ghost form to solve a multitude of tricky platforming puzzles if there’s any hope of returning to your home amongst the living. Explore 50 single-screen puzzles in black-and-white 2D pixel art style Brainteasing stages start out simple but gradually increase in complexity and challenge. Keep trying puzzles as many times as it takes and find your way back to the living world!

Ginger – The Tooth Fairy (Branium Games, 30th May, $6.99) – “Ginger – The Tooth Fairy” is a 2D side-scrolling platform game. It is specifically designed for kids and newcomers to gaming. The fun and intuitive gameplay will put a smile on everyone’s face. Ginger will explore various worlds filled with obstacles to overcome in order to find her magic teeth. The entire journey is educational and will teach important lessons about teeth to both children and adults alike – because healthy teeth are important and the subject should be fun, after all.

Goliath Depot (Flynns Arcade, 30th May, $5.59) – Close all doors, kick away the enemies and rack up your score in 4 worlds filled with single-screen levels inspired by tough-as-nail retro arcade platformers. Are you good enough to lift the curse of the Goliath Depot?

In His Time (KODANSHA, 23rd May, $5.99) – e, a 2D puzzle-solving adventure game. There you will meet Olly and join him to solve puzzles throughout each step of his emotional journey of growth and self-discovery. I can’t see them anymore. But I really wish that I could see and hold them again. Where is my special person? I wonder if I will ever meet them again. “In His Time” is a 2D mystery-solving adventure game that faces these feelings.

Jelly Battle (Silesia Games, 30th May, $2.99) – In the jelly world…. you get a jelly pet! A pet that needs to be fed, cleaned and taken care of. Good news – you can also customize it, so it will look like you’d like it to! Battle and earn cool stuff that you can use with your pet. Be careful, because battles aren’t as easy as you might initially think! Jellies are pretty smart beings, so prepare to play smart to win in the puzzles. Taking care of your pet involves feeding it, cuddling with it, cleaning up after it, and giving it a soapy scrub from time to time. To battle, you need to collect fruit, break rocks to clear the path, collect stars, and win the puzzle. Upgrade your jelly pet, take care of it, collect skins, and be the best in the art of battle! It is simply – jellylicious!

Kittey 64 (Origamihero, 3rd Jun, $4.99) – Quick, grab that Bubble Booster and get going! The stars are falling and the moon is watching your every move. It must be planning something. Investigate the fallen stars and find the gems that are hidden away inside them. Their power will let you free Kitty Island from the moon’s assault. Your friends are counting on you! Kittey 64 is a retro-inspired 3d platformer with modern controls and design.

Korean Rail Driving Tour LRT Busan-Gimhae (14Dimension, 3rd Jun, $19.99) – This game is a railroad simulation game that allows you to experience actual railroad operation based on video footage of the driving direction of an actual train. Anyone can enjoy the feeling of being a train driver just by operating the accelerator and brakes. Enjoy “Real” video of Korea’s beautiful scenery! Experience the Busan-Gimhae light rail train with live-action video! The stage of this work takes place on the Busan-Gimhae light rail train that operates in the western region of Busan, Korea’s second largest city. The train runs through 21 stations and the total length of the line is 22. 4 km. 1080P high-definition video faithfully reproduces the atmosphere of real life and provides a strong sense of immersion in the game.

LET’S THROOOW! Street Basketball Simulator (Megame, 30th May, $4.99) – Experience the thrill of shooting the ball like never before and become a basketball legend. Get ready for an exciting adventure that will test your skills and provide hours of addictive gameplay

Love Palette – 恋色ぱれっと – (CyberStep, 23rd May, $19.90) – “Love Palette – 恋色ぱれっと -” is a visual novel game where the protagonist Takumi, who leads a fairly fulfilling school life, repeatedly goes on dates with the beautiful girls of the school to deepen his relationships and find a cute girlfriend. A Bishojo Game released in 2015 under the “Yuki Ichigo Chocolat” brand has been reworked for the “PandaShojo” platform for players around the world to enjoy.

Love, Death & Mummies: Zombie Romance Visual Novel (Aldora Games, 24th May, $4.99) – Get ready for an epic experience in “Love, Death & Mummies”! You wake up in a post-apocalyptic world as an insatiable zombie, joined by a band of undead where love blossoms in the shadows. Your romance with a zombie is threatened when a special human crosses your path, unleashing jealousy and conflict in a world divided between humans and the undead

Master Key (Achromi, 30th May, $12.50) – An old rusty key found deep in a cave, what could it open? Explore a dense world, fight ferocious enemies, and solve puzzles in search of answers. Master key features: Item based exploration Dozens of enemies Shops, weapons, and powerups Dungeons Between 5 and 10 hours of content Lots of secrets No language support! The game doesn’t hold you by the hand, it’s a love letter to hiking and exploration. You have to find your own path and nothing is story-gated.

Medieval Lords (Ultimate Games, 30th May, $4.99) – Step into the age of chivalry and forge your legacy in Medieval Lords, an immersive strategy and simulation game where you rule as a medieval lord. Govern a sprawling realm with villages, vast forests, and bustling marketplaces. Manage resources, construct monumental buildings, and expand your domain. In Medieval Lords, every decision impacts your rule. Harvest timber, mine for iron, hunt in woods and cultivate the land to feed your growing population. Construct essential structures like a marketplace for trade, barracks for defense, and universities to foster knowledge. Your leadership style will shape the development and morale of your subjects—rule with a just hand or an iron fist to establish your reign.

Mezmeratu (Phantom, 31st May, $8.90) – The platformer game of the year 2024 is. . . MEZMERATU! A completely infernal 2D platform game with a rogue style! Each time you play the world changes! So forget about memorizing the levels! Each time it’s a completely different one! Mezmeratu is the platformer spin-off of the Baobabs Mausoleum saga created solo by Jacob Jazz. Full of surrealistic horror villages, stinky talking characters, impossible rogue platforms, and. . . and a giant fish kidnapped inside an owl’s beak. WELCOME TO PROSCIUTTO MISA!

Nine Nights – Martial Ci Lang Story (404, 31st May, $9.99) – You are not willing to fail, you are on the run in the crisis-ridden world of Nine Nights, constantly acquire new combat skills, fighting fiercely, Flexibility and ingenuity to cross the obstacles, and toughing it out against increasingly vicious and bizarre enemies.You have to find out the truth, survive, and slog your way to revenge.

NINJA KAMUI: SHINOBI ORIGINS (Rainmaker Productions, 30th May, $24.99) – Power up with special “TYPE 0” boost gear and annihilate the forces of evil in this captivating arcade-style ninja action game! Delve into and experience the mysterious “beginning” untold in the original anime.

OrbWars (Neox Studios, 25th May, $10.99) – A young child’s bedroom has been taken over by the evil Monster in the Dark and it’s army of corrupted toys. Only the OrbWarriors, a small group of heroic toy robots, have the courage and strength to stand up for justice and fight! Take control of your favourite OrbWarrior either alone or together as up to 4 players and enjoy fast paced, but strategic roguelite action coop!

O-VOID: Console Edition (TERNOX, 31st May, $4.99) – In this super minimal action runner, you’ll be jumping over obstacles with the tap of a button. But this is not a regular platformer! The entire level can change direction or flip upside down to throw you off. Are you skilled enough to survive every challenge?

PICROSS S NAMCO LEGENDARY edition (Jupiter, 30th May, $10.99) – A collaboration between Picross S and the Namco LEGENDARY Series! A second character editor has been added to the Nintendo Switch™ version of Picross S! Namco LEGENDARY Series characters are now available as Picross puzzles. The Picross puzzles feature legendary characters that have been loved by many for generations. The game features four Picross modes familiar from the Picross S series: Picross, Mega Picross, Color Picross, and Clip Picross, as well as the Extra bonus content. The number of puzzles is 150 each for Picross and Mega Picross and 5 for Clip Picross for a total of 250 piece puzzles of 50 each, 30 for Color Picross and 5 for Extra. Picross is a picture crossword puzzle game where you follow hint number to complete a picture. With simple, easy-to-follow rules, it’s a game anyone can play! – Read our PICROSS S NAMCO LEGENDARY edition review

Pixel Game Maker Series Moon Viewing Jump Rabbit (Gotcha Gotcha Games, 23rd May, $4.99) – Eat your Moon-gazing Dumpling anywhere! Choose whatever view you like, but the game ends after your snack! Head for dizzying heights in your quest for the best spot!

Ruler Battle Online (SAT-BOX, 31st May, $5.00) – Knock your opponents’ rulers off the desk! Utilize the special “Swallow Reversal” technique to get back your footing in a pinch! Climb the rankings all the way to the top!

Seed of Life (GS2 Games, 30th May, $39.99) – You’re Cora, the last known survivor of Lumia, a dying planet. Your only hope to save your home world is to activate the Seed of Life and rekindle the sun once again. Seed of Life is an action-adventure puzzle game that will take you to a beautiful yet toxic world where almost all life has disappeared. There’s only one way to survive: help Cora find The Seed, an alien device capable of generating the essence of life and save your planet from annihilation.

SkateCat (Nami Tentou, 30th May, $9.99) – Step into the paws of SkateCat and brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled escapade through Nekocity, a once peaceful haven now besieged by monstrous invaders from another dimension. As the chosen feline hero, it’s up to you to restore harmony to this vibrant world. SkateCat offers a thrilling platformer experience where you’ll navigate perilous landscapes, evade devilish foes, and conquer challenging bosses across a multitude of universes. Armed with nothing but your trusty skateboard, embark on a journey through ever-changing environments filled with excitement and danger.

SKELER BOY (Ratalaika Games, 31st May, $7.99) – SKELER BOY is an adventure game with an atmosphere inspired by your favorite iconic films from the 1970s and 1980s. Enter a dark and suspenseful world and embark on a journey of psychological horror. You’ll encounter hundreds of conversations, manipulate objects, solve puzzles, discover clues, and find many surprises.

Spellbearers (Whim Independent Studios, 30th May, $14.99) – Cast powerful spells, battle against hordes of magical enemies to liberate the rulers of three kingdoms that have been overtaken by dark forces. With staff in hand, do you have what it takes to uphold the title of The Spellbearer?

Stick to the Plan (SpaceJazz Games, 30th May, $11.99) – Created by Dead Pixel Tales, Stick to the Plan is a cozy and soothing puzzle game that takes you on a journey with Roberto, as he embarks on a quest to get the perfect stick along the way. The game is simple: avoid obstacles and chart a path towards the goal. But beware, it’s not as easy as it appears. And don’t forget to grab your stick!

Sticky Hands (Entity3,1st Jun, $0.99) – With very stretchy arms and some sticky hands you must navigate your way to the boxing ring. Be fast to move with your sticky hands before the become unstuck. Stake part in a boxing match at the end of each stage! then prepare to take on the boss!

SUSHI Race (SAT-BOX, 23rd May, $5.60) – SUSHI Race is a simple and fun game that anyone can enjoy! Up to 4 players can join local multiplayer by sharing Joy-Con™! Each sushi machine has its own appeal! Battle and win with your favorites! Drift around curves with flair! Utilize items like soy-sauce missiles and blockers to outspeed your rivals!

Tales From The Under-Realm: After Midnight (Gamuzumi, 24th May, $11.99) – Our heroine protagonist takes up a new job as a guard and discovers the start of a series of murders, all with one thing in common: they occur after midnight. Who is behind them? What do they have to do with our young guard? Will she too become a victim of the mysterious assassin? In this dark / gothic visual novel with multiple endings, your choices matter and will determine who stays alive and who dies. Discovering the whole truth about the murders may require multiple playthroughs.

Terminal 81 (Sometimes You, 29th May, $9.99) – Terminal 81 is an indie job simulation, mystery, and psychological horror game with retro visual aesthetics. The game takes place in 2008, in a fictitious neighborhood in the city of São Paulo, in Brazil. As a result of the global financial crisis of 2008, Lorena made the decision to emigrate to the large and wealthy city of São Paulo in order to find work to help her family. Lorena easily managed to get a job in a supermarket, what she did not know is that the neighborhood where she would work was Terminal 81, an old industrial neighborhood plagued by poverty, crime, and filth. During her stay at Terminal 81, Lorena learns that a group of young women have been kidnapped. Upon exploring the neighborhood and meeting its inhabitants, she realizes that the reality of Terminal 81 is much darker than it seems.

Terror Mansion (Domynyo, 28th May, $13.99) – Terror Mansion is an exciting first person Horror video game that catapults you into a frightening Mansion. Your main objective is to escape the infested Mansion, finding objects and challenging riddles while exploring incredible scenarios.

The Cat (GAME NACIONAL, 1st Jun, $9.99) – Face mental challenges as you help the feline overcome rotating platforms in his search for the ball of wool. With hand-drawn graphics, giving the game a unique aesthetic and puzzles. Get ready to jump, spin, and explore in search of the ultimate reward!

The Excrawlers + Shiro Bundle (Valkyrie Initiative, 23rd May, $9.09) – The Excrawlers is an action-RPG slasher game in which you and other heroes will have to plunge into the dark atmosphere of dungeons filled with monsters and madness. Find out how you got here, complete all the challenges and fight five deadly bosses to be able to get out! Shiro is an adventure platformer in which you have to find your missing sister.

The Mermaid of Zennor (Penguin Pop Games, 22nd May, $5.99) – Enter the enchanting and dark world of “The Mermaid of Zennor,” a visual novel inspired by the classic fairy tale of the same name, but set in modern-day England. This tale is for those who find beauty in darkness, a story that will captivate you until the very end and touches on the adult themes of trauma, mental health and obsession.

Ultra Mission (Elushis, 2nd Jun, $2.99) – The date: January 12, 2081 The location: Otto Labs headquarters The objective: Find out what the heck is going on! Embark on a dangerous investigation in Ultra Mission™, the latest arcade-inspired shooter from Gumbo Machine™. As an agent of the Stellar Exchange Commission, you must traverse the labyrinthine maze that is Otto Labs. Each of Ultra Mission’s 20 levels is littered with powerful automatons and questionable experiments. One thing is certain: this is going to be a blast!

Umbraclaw (Inti Creates, 30th May, $19.99) – Umbraclaw tells the story of Kuon, a house cat who has died in the mortal world, after she awakens in the Soulplane, a realm of the dead. She must challenge the perilous underworld to return home to her owner in this 2D action adventure.

vridniX (Uncanaut, 30th May, $9.99) – Welcome, stranger! Welcome to the Neta-Vark where the Wamnis live and celebrate the beauty of the universe. And not even the invasion of the dangerous Trogoglux will stop the party. The Doldazan Gods will save the Wamnis so that nothing will stop the celebrations. Nothing? Or is there something which could actually ruin everything? What about vridniX? A hero that can’t stop running! He bounces against walls, hangs on to the ceiling with his massive tongue, can do backflips in mid-air and above all. . . he has the unique ability to rotate the levels by picking up special orbs! The problem: He is a selfish brat. And our main character. vridniX, is a lazy kid who wants others to worship him.

WAKUSEI (FULL STEAM STUDIOS, 3rd Jun, $5.39) – Drop planets around an eclipse to merge same planets into new ones. This might cause the extinction of some civilisations but it’s okay, we asked them first. The 360° gameplay makes for an interesting new experience and new strategies. Unlock upgrades, new events and additional game modes. Put the universe into a jar in Classic Mode or experience how the game must’ve felt like before gravity got invented in the Anti Gravity Mode.

Xuan Yuan Sword 7 (eastasiasoft, 30th May, $39.99) – Take the role of the calm and reliable swordsman Taishi Zhao as he fights to protect his family and uncover the truth of a blight threatens all of China. With a story deeply rooted in ancient Chinese history and mythology, Xuan Yuan Sword 7 reimagines both as one fantastical and chaotic realm under the governance of a new Xin Dynasty.

Xuan Yuan Sword Mystic RPG Bundle (eastasiasoft, 30th May, $49.99) – Two award-winning role-playing games come together in one epic bundle. East and West join forces in the turn-based RPG classic Xuan Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains. Fascinating real-time combat with a rich cinematic narrative awaits in the 3D action RPG Xuan Yuan Sword 7.

Due to the amount of games on this week’s download, we’ve cut down the games on the poll.

So that’s your lot for this week’s North American Nintendo Download. Go on, be a sport and drop a vote in the poll above, and comment below with your hot picks!

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