Michael Jackson’s Best Moonwalk Ever! Must Watch

Michael Jackson’s greatest moves! *No copyright intended* All Video and Audio is property of their respected owners. I apologize …

  1. The King of Music ♥️

  2. Remember seeing him live at Wembley I think around 97. fantastic showman and one of the all time greats

  3. Wow! That's even better moonwalking than MJ's!

  4. Never mind the moves like Jagger, I just want moves like Jackson.

  5. This is a A+ level of dancing

  6. The sexiest man that ever existed on this planet earth!💖

  7. 0:22 The walk after the moonwalk , just brilliant

  8. But in supposed to be ok with ice spice shaking her ass-.- man I hate todays time

  9. Incredible talent. What a dancer he was, I can only think of Fred Astaire as being as superlative in movement and rhythm. Just sublime to watch.

  10. I'm actually confused on whether it's SMOOTH CRIMINAL or BILLIE JEAN that birth the dance step MOONWALK.

  11. 2024 and this man is still the shhhhhhhh👌🏽

  12. Imagine if the tape broke?

  13. Every one: Michael Jackson is the best in moonwalk
    Me:muzan jackson🗿🍷

  14. Everyone’s talking about the moonwalk but the robot dance was phenom

  15. Im only 10 and this is awsome

  16. I'm watching this in 2024 thinking Muzan-sama is killing that moonwalk🙆🏿‍♂️

  17. Epic
    Will be still a wonder in 2050

  18. I swear the difference between him and other people trying to do it is he generally looks like he is walking forward but moves backwards
    it is small but such a skill difference to really look like you trying to walk forward and move backwards

  19. The thing is he is just so got dang smooth with it and the beat is too absolutely funkaliscious and just slaps

  20. This fool was cold with it

  21. Los conciertos de este hombre debieron ser una obra maestra

  22. Probably best clip ive seen of all MJs moves, always the king

  23. Badass. He was the biggest musician/entertainer since Elvis.

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