Michael Jackson VS Taylor Swift

We made a list of Michael Jackson VS Taylor Swift comparison.. Enjoy Your video… #taylorswift #michaeljackson …

  1. A few mistakes in here, but please: do not compare MJ with anyone else

  2. Taylor swift doesn't have 9 million followers on Instagram…

  3. I can asure you that Taylor’s favorite color is not red…

  4. Taylor Swift #1 She is the best. She has so much more better songs like Bad Blood<3

  5. his REAL voice wasn't like that. it was quite thick by the way


  7. Don't compare MJ with taylor swift! No artist realesed an album likeMJ, no artist had a best music clip likeMJ,and no artist created a best tour like MJ!!!

  8. Tylor swift=200 million fans. Only a singer who write about her bpyfriend
    Michael Jackson=Singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actor, philanthropist. Known as the "King of Pop". Michael Jackson's huge contributions in music, dance, and fashion, coupled with his highly publicized personal life, have made him a representative figure in global pop culture. He is also the founder of modern MV. It can be said that the road to stardom for Tylor Swift or others was paved by Michael Jackson.

    Without Tylor Swift, Michael Jackson could still be king, but without MJ, there would be no current entertainment industry, let alone a singer like TS.

    Can you be more sensible when chasing stars? If you don’t know the basics, don’t talk about it here. This will make you look like a Joker~

  9. Comparing Michael to Taylor Swift is such a major insult I can't put it inot words

  10. Blud MJ'S most famous song is Billie Jean 😅

  11. Taylor Swift's favorite color is PURPLE!!!!!!

  12. Why compare TS to the King of pop?

  13. The only reason why micheal jackson has cacophbia is because of his dad😠. Micheal jackson is NOT ugly ❤

  14. 5:09 lmao why are you lying 😭 he has 8.8 million insta followers 😭😭

  15. MJ the king of pop never dies
    who's agree

  16. Michael Jackson was half Muslim

  17. Micheal doesn't compare with Taylor Swift he is THE KING OF POP and whole world Music❤❤

  18. Taylor Swift Favorite Food Is Cheese Cake🍰🍨.

  19. the most famous rock with you? I thought it was billie jean or thriller

  20. But when it comes to FEMALE Pop singers I prefer Britney Spears over Taylor Swift.

  21. The most famous song of Michael Jackson is Billie Jean not rock with you

  22. Taylor Swift n'est personne devant Michael Jackson

  23. Michael Jackson never smoked or drank alcohol.

  24. Bro, Michael is The king of pop. He doesn't even need to compete with Taylor. 💀

  25. If was still we’re us today along so with the classic celebrities
    Like Elvis John Freddie Prince bon
    David George and more he’ll be turn 66
    This year
    1:23 Michael’s Best quote is but I will never stop helping and loving people the way Jesus said to 😄
    So as I if I was a new celebrity why he and Taylor Swift have a battle of this my idol Michael will never have a battle with Taylor for real
    If he any other classic celebrity was still alive
    And after his kids went to college
    And after he came back to his world tour
    He might sing his new songs and continued to inspire young generations of popstars for years to come and I will be Michael‘s backup singer we will sing together on stage sometimes when I have my YouTube and movie career
    He might sing with the Morton celebrities
    With no only Taylor Swift but Lady Gaga Adam Lambert Bruno Mars owl City will.I.am
    Chris Brown Ariana Grande Weird Al Yankovic Adam Levine
    Daft punk and one direction
    And besides, Taylor, Swift was my favourite female celebrity
    She’s better than Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus
    6:03 drawing is my favourite hobby too
    And cat is my favourite animal too

  26. Why the heck do 70 MILLION people follow Michael Jackson on Facebook? I understand to follow him on YT and Spotify but Facebook?

  27. mistake 1 micheal jackson is scared of dogs.
    He think dogs might attack him

  28. He had a youtube channel 🤨

  29. Don’t even put Taylor in the same sentence as MJ

  30. Biggest diffrence is fact that michael jackson made music with soul when taylor swift is making music for normies and npcs

  31. Hay algunas cosas que no son así, Michael no fumaba, y no tomaba habitualmente, y su canción más exitosa es Billie Jean

  32. I'm a fan of both but I know they're NOT comparable. The fact that Taylor has to release a new album every year to maintain her fame and Michael only has 6 solo albums throughout his life (which had few years gap between album).

  33. Tay tay’s fav color is purple and bff is selena gomez!

  34. Rock with you is definitely not his most famous song. Billie Jean, Thriller or Beat it would be

  35. No way people compare Michael to those people💀

  36. taylor swift has never smoked before💀💀

  37. 1:05 we call her The Music Industry.
    2:15 both speak French.
    3:42 it is Love Story.
    3:54 she wears red lipstick but her fav color is purple.
    5:30 she is about to have an 11th.

  38. Btw, I believe it's Taylor Momsen on "Smoke" picture, not Swift.

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