A woman whose hobby is cooking is more priceless than a career woman

Bitter women and simps, over to you. The clowns claim cooking for husbands is oppression and slavery, yet they employ girls and women to do the same house chores they claim is oppressive to wives, and pay then a pittance. They claim husband’s money is our money but my money is my money and still want to claim feminism and equality. They claim to be equal to men yet want men to spend on them. They don’t even believe in the nonsense feminism they preach. Some SIMPs will come and show support for this foolery. Silly women, when men claim they are the heads, they argue with men, yet want men to do the spending. They want to inherit men’s properties but say cooking for husband is slavery. No wonder they keep using them as sacrifice for money rituals by yahoo guys. Choke on my comment. Men, get the book, the myth of male power by Dr. Warren Farrell, he exposed the injustice against boys and men, get it from pdfdrive. You will weep for men, he talked so much about women that killed their husbands and were not punished at all or just given very little punishments, and so many other crimes women commit and are freed but if men did same, they will be seriously punished. Also read the book, the manipulated man by Esther Vilar, she exposed the greedy, selfish and manipulative nature of women, and the foolish simp nature of men, get it from pdfdrive. Also, YouTube handles that expose female nature; Chisha Zed, JR. Wisdom, Charles and charge, Pink book lessons, Manosphere highlight daily, Poor man’s podcast, Please act right, Eze reactions.

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