💋 Michael Jackson KISS with Tatiana Thumbtzen [BAD TOUR] #Shorts

Tatiana Thumbtzen the girl from The Way You Make Me Feel video kiss Michael Jackson live on stage at Madison Square Garden …

  1. Even today it’s hard to believe Michael died, we miss you Michael… a lot ‼️

  2. Actually, she had hugged him in the show before this and then called and asked him if it was okay if she "took it a little further next time" and he said sure. She never asked to kiss him. Michael had girlfriends throughout the years but he didnt make it public because he was a bit old school hollywood about fans needing to think they might have a chance with him and getting jealous. Ive felt that way before with crushes on celebs when i was younger. The kiss wasnt really the biggest reason why she was fired. She had gone on a talk show and insinuated that they might start dating. He had a VERY detailed plan for his public image that he absolutely had control of. He was managed by some really pushy assholes at times, but he was shrewd in business and always had creative control, though he always had others handle confrontations whenever possible though because he hated
    it. That night she went to his room and knocked on his door after she was fired. He was hanging out with some friends and she waited all night outside of his door but he never opened it. He knew what happened. He wasnt trying to be an asshole though. She made no secret that she was in love with him since day one and was pretty bold about it. She even made friends with his parents and spent hours there hoping she would see him. He moved out. I cant say i blame her. He is amazing and i would give anything to spend time with him. She was destroyed after getting fired. I truly felt for her.

  3. The before in the beginning is so amazing

  4. a pretty girl kisses you and you act like a sissy

  5. He enjoyed it and she looked like she just won the lottery

  6. Оооо как они хороши❤❤❤❤ооочень красивая пара❤❤❤❤

  7. This was so sad for Tatiana. She would have been great to continue on the tour.
    Aggressive? The audience went mad in a good way! Bloody managers calling the shots unless it really was MJ’s decision 🤔
    Why just not tell her not to do it again. She never even made much money from her fantastic performances.

  8. I think he is the worst and most coward of rapers in the world

  9. 😍😋💙💎💞 Meninas todas faria. Kkk😂

  10. Casal lindooooo tinham tudo para ficar juntos e felizes, mas as fofocas e a indecência do filho de Marlon Brando usando palavras de baixo galão contra Tati foi o fim.

  11. Can somebody put the full concert please i been trying to find it and it keeps on putting this scene 😩

  12. Майкла трудно не поцеловать!

  13. Michael liked it tho- they said Michael was complaining she was becoming too aggressive- the lyrics came true lol- the "you really turn me on" lol the run after the kiss tho-

  14. And that kiss cost him his job, but it was worth it😊

  15. Mike loved every second of it. It's a shame the management fired her.

  16. It's too bad that they didn't end up together. Michael really liked her, according to his mom. I don't get why the manager felt the need to stand in the way.

  17. The perfect couple. They look gorgeous together. As a kid i thought she is the one for him and i never saw a better match his hole life

  18. Luckiest woman in history of the world😂

  19. Twymmf sung live 😮🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀

  20. Miachel kis me
    Ella si ❤ 😊😂😂

  21. Michael wanted to date & be around women. His damn entourage were the ones that kept that from happening.

  22. Michael was ok with it! Damn them for treating her like that!!!!

  23. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😂😂😂

  24. lol why no one talk abt that he actually look happy after the kiss lmao

  25. Me I kissed tiana thumbtzen ❤️💐

  26. Why don’t kids Michael? That attractive face. Why not?

  27. Definitivamente pudo ser amor, a él le gustaba mucho y ella lo admiraba, lástima que la gente que lo rodeaba no dejara que ésto fluyera. Pobre Michael siempre solo. Por siempre en mi corazón, el único Rey 👑❤

  28. HAHAHA the fact he said "thank you" when they kissed😂🤍

  29. He'd rather kiss a 9 year old boy

  30. A menina ainda foi com a mão no bumbum dele? 🔥

  31. She couldn't take it no more

  32. I m convinced the managers though a relationship couod make a dent into their profit and lied to Michael about her to break his heart. Then they fire her.
    At the time they believed tgat of Michael was staying single it was more profitable.
    Looking back, she would have made him normal and still made the headline and none of that BS suit would have ever take place. She was the one. Unfortunately evil people got the best of Michael.

  33. She asked him if she could take it further and Michael told her to go for it. His handlers lied to both of them.

  34. Michael jackson te amo mucho 😘😘🤩😊

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