1. The players don't react quick enough and the games slow 90% of the time, inconsistent game play has been an issue for years and its still there today the game is not fun to play anymore its gone completely down hill!!!

  2. defending is so frustrating in this game.. the standing tackles are so dumb when you press O the character will run a big 2 steps and do it, AND when you press the slide tackle button, it wont do it when you want it to, for example, when you want to anticipate/predict a pass, it will do it afterwards

  3. Delay in switching when the gameplay is laggy and unresponsive lol. The servers are trash, the gameplay is trash, so why even bother investing time into this game?

  4. I appreciate the videos but omg do you all realize a large majority of the people don't get good gameplay connection?… it's impossible to not have delay switching when gameplay is horrible. As a result silly goals will always be conceded

  5. thanks a lot for your videos , i have a problem, i play on old gen , i know how to defend, but the problem is my opponents only defend whit 2nd man press and ai , and that harder for me to score goals , i was rank 1 / 2 last year and elite too , but this year im bad at scoring 😞

  6. The only way is to not play the game, they preach realism but how many time in real life do you see world class defenders win the ball and the opposing attacker instantly wins it back or clearing the ball and it bounces off someone standing in the distance

    The game is just atrocious no amount of "defending" will save anyone

  7. Hello Deep researcher…I have to say this! Ever since I started watching your videos I have improved significantly especially in my defense. In deed a deep researcher💯. Continue the hard work💪You will be famous for your tutorial videos one day. I’m sure of it

  8. 0:01 the root cause of easy goal is that:
    Defenders dont come close to player who will kick goal. Watch it. 2 defender runs with no added value. You will always concede easy goal. This is the dynamic of fifa. You have nothing to do it

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