1. My interpretation of this song is that it's about a girl who knows she hurt a guy who got her hopes up by telling her they were going to have the purest love. And she started to emotionally pull away from him. And when the guy realized that she hurt him he started treating her with contempt. The guy wishes the girl would apologize to him and redeem herself for what she caused him. But the girl sees that it's not worth it and just tells him that she won't be able to and has to leave never to come back. She tells him "sorry but I can't" and leaves him forever, and realizes that the relationship she had with him was not transcendent and that she didn't care so much about the moments they spent together anymore since she didn't feel that much vibe in the long run. So she accepts that she was wrong but doesn't want to make amends with him because he also promised her good energy and longevity and it wasn't quite like that. So she leaves with resentment, disappointment, embarrassment and a little bit of lessons learned. But happy that she learned not to get her hopes up so high.

  2. Hues, hues of loving you had led me to be blind.
    Don't worry, I might be wrong, don't worry, my love
    Not worried lately, I'll be gone, I won't change my mind.

    I know that I failed you once or twice
    And what I know, I can't take it, baby
    I'm so sorry but I can't, so I had to walk away.

    But it doesn't matter anymore, nor did it ever, hmm
    We gave up somehow, I guess it all was
    I guess it all was once before
    And I don't care about those
    Sweet mornings, sweet mornings

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