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  1. eFootball actually looks and feels like football. The secret sauce for realistic football movement has only Konami and nobody else. But Konami needs support and money like EA so they can make better graphics, more animations and licenses. I wish them all the best because at this point Im convinced EA will never make good football game but Konami is working hard every year, EA just copy paste shit physics engine.

  2. hellow guys i am fifa player all years but this year i think i wanna try efootball i wanna know which one is better , did efootball have all clubs because i know in fifa you have like juventus-piamonte , fc roma kits don't exsist true so i wanna just know if you guys have same problem in efootball.
    thank you is somebody will answer

  3. Eafc is almost a perfect football game, but the ice staking kills it and also the fact that women do not have their own ultimate team .
    Efootball almost a better football game than EAfc but the scripting ( scripting not allowing players to perform actions like stopping the ball from going out , heading the ball, wrong clearance , players not being able to control the ball, wrong animations action in situations), heavy ball physics, auto defending when holding match up , no content, poor graphics ( the game should be called an old gen ps4 game), same content and update every everyweek

  4. efootballl 2024 is surprisingly very good. Yes it hasn't got the flash of FC24 , licenses and Master League equivalent. However as a football game, eFootball 2024 in my opinion blows FC24 out of the water EASILY. Once you get bored of the repetitive cut scenes and the scripted gameplay, you realise how much better the gameplay in efootball is.
    I decided to invest some time with eFootball and was left unbelievably satisfied. The gameplay graphics feel silkier and smoother and you actually feel that your playing a realistic football sim. FC24's harder levels are just ridiculous in so much that the AI scores every time they shoot. Also defending is diabolical as you do not feel you are in control of your players. The AI seems to assign the wrong player who is not nearest the attacker which is so frustrating. Online is just a joke, Anyone who plays as PSG has a massive advantage mainly down to Mbappe having super human speed. Nearly every online opponent I have ever faced is always playing as PSG!!

    I think Konami have made huge strides since the franchise was rebranded and sure there has and still are niggles but as a like for like football simulation, it's streets ahead of FC24. We just need a better offline mode, Master League etc and I think the franchise will reclaim its crown. eFootball 2024 is a huge step forward towards that!

  5. I am a long-time gamer and I also affirm that the reason why I play fc24 is because it has licensed, flexible movement and not slow like pes or efootball. Moreover, EA has higher revenue than konami . It's still a game , doesn't have to be like real life🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  6. Se la Konami avesse i diritti FIFA aparirebbe. eFootball e' un' altra cosa e anche se non ha i diritti e' divertente. A livello di Soft mi aspettavo di piu da FIFA, la scheda video scalda molto (RTX 3070 TI Asus TUF) cosa che con e Football rimane tiepida.

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