1. am i the only one here feels that FC 24 on nintendo switch is suck… bad framerate, bad graphich, theres was delay when i press the button till the player kick the ball, its not fluid. etc. even though fifa 23 has got no improvement from fifa 19, i still prefer and enjoy playing fifa 23 rather than FC 24. i'am regret purchasing it.

  2. There are a lot of bad video games, but
    This game really need sooo much improvement, this game is the same game from last 5 or 8 years.
    I really miss Konami soccer games The realistic graphics and details were amazing. I won’t buy this games even if is 95% off the sale.

  3. Just bought a switch oled. Sold my old Switch in 2018. So do I buy a Switch version or PS5 version. Wanting something on the switch I can just pick up and play. This could be it. Got Zelda etc but want a sports game to pass the odd hour when I can't use the ps5

  4. Idk if this gonna be bad or good , like some people mad about the render and changes. No crossplay, i am ngl I'm genuinely think is kinda mid but unlike any other platforms consoles who really want it so badly, their mom just ask to play with switch so yeah If people on jailbreak… THEN SERACH THE GAME AND ZIP FILES ON ANY WEBSITE IDK

  5. Hopefully the season objectives on career mode aren’t as crazy as past games, I remember a few years back winning a treble with a Columbian team and the board still told me I hadn’t proven myself to add ten million to the transfer budget. 😑😑

  6. I don't know, Haalland's goal while showing the Split joy-con gameplay looked off…It was very poor gameplay like that which cause me to hate FIFA on the switch. Graphics look great compared to 23 but the passing, shooting, and AI needed major work.

  7. Спустя 4 года я ждал вольту фифы на нинденто свич. И её добавят в фк 24. Это круто и переделали карьеру имба

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