EA Sports FC 24 – Official Full Match Gameplay (PS5, Xbox Series X)


  1. Same commentary since fifa 15… I can almost recite word for word I silence the commentary now “Well! He might smile. The goalkeeper, has no interest in smiling.” Is that discovery channel? “The goalkeeper has no interest in smiling, the goalkeeper collects sustenance for winter. In its natural habit, the winter months are long and treacherous. When the goalkeeper emerges in spring, it’s time to find a suitable mate for producing offspring. The goalkeeper, now has interest in smiling.”

  2. sieht ja genauso scheiße aus wie die letzten 2-3 jahre… engine immer noch die gleiche wie vor 5 jahren, gratulation an alle spieler die sich so einen mist kaufen.

  3. being honest and since no one is talking, someone will have to do it: The game is a copy paste from last year, removing 2 or 3 new things in each mode. The faces of the players copy paste from last year (most of them), gameplay completely the same, entrances to the stadiums that are completely different from reality (you don't have the entrances as if it were a TV broadcast but rather some images from inside the changing rooms. WTF? You as fan, you don't have access to these images even from inside a club (with the exception of some clubs that do "INSIDES". It's incredible that even the players' entrances onto the field as if on TV no longer even exist, something that in a career mode completely takes away the immersion of the game.) The game is an exact copy of last year's game and almost everyone on YouTube is saying it's better. Everyone has their own opinion, but paying 80 euros for an almost made copy of last year's game is really crazy. I bought it Fifa 23 for 10 euros and just because I missed playing a football game (the last time I bought a Fifa was 19) and there is a noticeable jump in terms of the game itself, but EA FC 24 is so bad For me, with what they did with stadium entrances, for example, etc., the game only got worse. Once again, the only giant differences were in the UT. But maybe I'm the one demanding to have a football game instead of having the same thing for years

  4. I'll come back for FC30 to see if they've fixed the gameplay nuances, issues and bugs we've endured for the last 2 decades. Bet it will still slow and drop the framerate and glitch in the final 3rd. This vid just looks like PS2 or PS3 gameplay to me. Players still ice skating on grass too…

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