EA FC 24 | TOP 20 BEST GOALS #1 | PS5™ [4K60]


  1. My rankings of the goals:
    20th: Al Dawsari
    19th: Alvarez
    18th: Rashford
    17th: De Paul
    16th: Mbappe (7:15)
    15th: Alexander-Arnold
    14th: Cancelo
    13th: Mbappe (2:23)
    12th: Trossard
    11th: Haaland
    10th: Diaz
    9th: Kane
    8th: Neymar
    7th: Antony
    6th: Gundogan
    5th: Ramos
    4th: Vinicius Junior
    3rd: Ronaldo (10:32)
    2nd: Grealish
    1st: Ronaldo (7:44)

    this was so hard to make all the goals were so damn good but that ronaldo volley won it from the start

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