1. They encourage u to use alt accounts which is a default account. This also means that if they did take ur account what benefit do they get from the account

  2. i completely agree, lost my renagade raider and galaxy skin acc which was my main, and i had it since i was 10 and i’m 17 now, spent $3500 on a pc and now it’s hwid banned, also lost $8000 bc they banned my acc. think abt the future, not what’s happening atm.

  3. Dev accounts are commonly used to scam kids, to see and leak unreleased stuff, to even try to spread malware by makig a fake website of it. Pls dont trust anybody, even if they have very rare atuff cyz, it can easly be fake. Also dont use dev accounts. Idk why epic hasn't made it bannable yet

  4. The program itself is very suspicious. It has ads in it's website and it asks for your epic info. If you wanna try this, i reccomend using another pc, or a virtual machine, with an alt.

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