Every Smash Bros. character in Fortnite


  1. Samus was supposed to added but nintendo said they wanted it to be only on switch. If we're on another console or PC it would be a default skin. Epic said nah

  2. Another king of crossovers in ultimate is Shovel Knight as an assist trophy and a playable character in another platform fighter (Rivals of Aether), but was never in Fortnite.

  3. Peter Griffin is in Fortnite. Peter Griffin shared a racing game with Hank Hill. Hank Hill had a promo ad with the Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer had a crossover comic with Superman. Superman's Batman's friend. Batman had a crossover comic with the teenage mutant ninja turtles. Michaelangelo was featured in a Nintendo promo ad. Mario's met Michaelangelo, Michaelangelo's met Batman, Batman's met Superman, Superman's met Silver Surfer, Silver Surfer's met Hank Hill, Hank Hill's met Peter Griffin, Peter Griffin's in Fortnite, therefore technically, Mario's already in Fortnite.

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