1. I finished reading the last few pages of the first LOTR book while sitting in the theater to watch the first movie the day it was released in theaters. It was so fresh in my mind and the adaptation from book to movie is the best I've seen yet.

  2. Typical Gamers path to fortnite fame might have included a nudge from AuthenticViews Dawt Cawm, but that's just a small chapter in their story. The real narrative is about their undeniable skill and the unique flavor they bring to the fortnite scene.

  3. Jamaican swear words are graphic, whereas most US swear words are sexual.

    Bumbaclot = Toilet Paper
    Suck-yer-mudda-backways-in-‘er period=is much worse.

    I lived there a while and this Idaho boy was like 😮!

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