1. COD4 MW. I'll never forget how that game changed everything when it dropped. That was the day gaming was no longer just seen as for nerds and geeks.

    Everybody was on this sh1t. And it came at the perfect time. At the birth of online console gaming. What a time that was.

  2. Was this video made by a 13 year old? Jeez… Black Ops 3 was literally an eighth gen title. CoD was already past its peak by then.

    Most of us 30 year old dudes started with CoD 4 (or earlier).

  3. Bruh, i cant believe we exsist in a world where youre considered old as dirt if you started during BO3. I stopped right before Advanced Warfare. Started with COD 2 Big Red 1 and Im Gen Z. How old am I???

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