1. im more on the pacifistic side but i think battles like this were important and all Allies involved are heroes for centuries. Especially the US Marines, absolute warriors.

  2. Watching this reminds me of Saving Private Ryan, also! Such brave veterans! I was in the Navy during my time in service. I could have never survived that. God bless all who serve🙏

  3. I’m so ready for the 79th Anniversary next Tuesday and I don’t care if I’m in college because I’m in my favourite hospital anyways so i can admit my grief to my friends and they totally understand how heavy my respect is.

    I don’t get how everyone else just goes at me for admitting my great respect for that hell day

  4. My grandad still to this day visits a therapist twice a week due to what he witnessed storming Normandy beach at just 17 years old.

    The way he tells it is that, his vessel had 21 men in it (not including driver) and 13 were killed in the first 30 seconds. He barely survived by jumping off the side of the vessel, and almost drowning due to his equipment weighing almost his own body weight. He stormed Omaha beach, with the 4th infantry battalion. They went on to take out 2 bunkers, and then raided a nearby town which took them almost a month to take over. He got shot in his left leg twice by a German sniper, and miraculously was able to keep on fighting. The experience is horrifying since 4 out of his 5 brothers died, during d-day.

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