Why You Should Give Fortnite Players the Win..πŸ₯Ή


  1. I did this once for a random. It didn't happen like this tho but they added me afterwards to thank me. Now I was hesitant at first because y'all know how randoms can be. But it turned out to be some teenager who literally just lost his mom a couple days prior and was trying to get his mind off things. So I stayed friends with him and now we play a lot. I've gotten him at least 10 crown wins now.

  2. Anybody this cool..I definitely gotta Subscribe too..Togr824get In Fortnite..I hope I get to play with you someday Sir.. You're a way better player than me,but it would still be cool just to meet you and say hello in Fortnite..

  3. I’ve done this before, we teamed up and got destroyed, so we went into duos and I got my first win of the season πŸ₯Ή (he didn’t speak English)

  4. I saw someone who did this with a afk person brought him around everywhere until they were the last two,then he drop his stuff and ran into the storm.I loved that guy and I love u too

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