What They Aren’t Telling You About FIFA 24


  1. no offense but fifa 24 will never be a game. this was never even official for the guy who wants to make it. plus EA sports can sue the guy for making it. and no one will play it because it's fan made you can't make graphics because EA sports only allows themselves to have there graphics the new EA sports game will be called EA sports FC

  2. 2k would be the best for us consumers and non casual football fans. Look at their in dept player tendencies. When I play against Kyrie on 2k it feels like I’m playing against Kyrie himself it’s so realistic in that manner. From where he shoots, to the type of shots, the dribbles, contact layups etc. Imagine playing against Messi and he’s dribbling through players and dishing perfect through balls like he does irl. I hope if 2k does get the license they add in-dept player tendencies, would be like adding Football Manager + current fifa. Game changer

  3. What a stupid video, “most people don’t realise EA and FIFA are different” don’t be so ridiculous, what a desperate video to get clicks when waffling about absolutely nothing

  4. I didn't get what they are not telling us. Why would they do a new game from scratch ? The IP is still onwned by EA, they only use FIFA for logo and licenses such as WC, UCL and UEL. The new game will have the improved hypermotion engine and will all be the same basically, some improvements here and there but potatoes "potatos". The players are a diferent deal that is made with FIFPRO.

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