1. today i can see every where bots are uploading videos war zone with AI aim assist DS4 Cronuszen rapid fire etc. with out aim assist you are zero skill players and even with help of AI aim assist you are bots, pampers babys nothing more.

  2. I love Timmy but honestly I think he should give up on the big map and try resurgence. It’s faster and he comes back if he dies so his don’t has to buy him back 20 times per game.

  3. Il be honest im glad your back on warzone I was struggling to keep watching because I wasn't interested in the game's you was trying. This solo spectators isn't the same with out you cods been dead 💀 hopefully now your back they will sort out the game, cheats glitches and what ever els 😅

  4. do not mention any of them hacking . they ban you for 3 months for speaking the truth . and you also tim . you accused them . why are you allowed and i am not . yous are the biggest let down , honestly . i dont hate anyone . i spoke the truth . and so did you tim . wheres your 3 month ban tim for speaking the truth about it eh . the biggest let down is ppl like you tim .im afraid to say ppl like you dont last long after doing stuff like that to me !

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