These 3 Games Will Replace FIFA in 2024


  1. If there is any chance, it is going to be PES, if not then no competition as usual I believe. Unless something unexpected happens. From me I never played Football game like Winning Eleven and PES till 2014 after all garbage from both Fifa and PES. especially FIFA how people pay money on this game , I do not know, I play it free on Game Pass and still not happy.

  2. No game will ever touch fifa or EA FC, not a chance. Everything that will come out will be so garbage, you wouldn't even want it for free. Only PES can do it if they were backed by a huge company or bought by Xbox or something.

  3. You know nothing about game dev and design. I can assure you that unfortunately no game will be able to surpass EA FC 24 in the forseeable 5, or say, 10 years. EA is literally miles ahead of anyone in terms of animations and engine tech, which honestly makes up for their shit game design. Out of these 3 UFL has the best chance to come close but nowhere near to compete with EA.

  4. No matter what mistakes appear in UFL we need to be supportive and encouraging for them and keep helping them create a huge audience to make sure they improve and make an absolute beauty of a game. They think of us before anything else when they make it free and zero-to-win. So we should help them and not just go back to the money hungry EA games.

  5. Surely this will never happen because fifa players are a fanbase that never ceases to exist. It just renew every year. Old players get tired of being scammed, grow up, start earning their own money and realize they spent way too much on an online game. New kids meet online football game that has every club licensed and every player face, they get excited just like you and me back in fifa 12, 13… Its a cycle. Ultimate Team is a money machine, the happiness of hitting the jackpot is just like every casino in vegas, its addictive and it feels good to pack good players. The game is unrewarding in every aspect but the packs are just like drugs. EA will never change, they will keep scamming every penny they can from their addicted fanbase just like it has been for the past 11 years.

  6. Goals including NFT's instantly makes it a no go for me. It shows that anyone involved is doing it for the cash and quick scammy money rather than making a great football experience for the players.

  7. PES was the biggest rival FIFA had and they never managed to replace FIFA.

    Altho I enjoyed some of their games alot more than FIFA, the lack of licensing and the the fact that the gameplay in the last PES games felt slow, unresponsive and buggy meant it was never going to rival FIFA in sales. But still it felt refreshing to have a more in depth career mode and different style of gameplay…Then came e-Football and it all went to shit.

    Bottom line, FIFA/FC or whatever EA wants to call it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It established too large of a fanbase that they can just reskin the game and sell it to everyone for 70-80 dollars every year over and over again…

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