1. Actavitions such a scaredy cat like they could of just say that they would have to play idk like 1000$ to release the game boom it’s a win win, win for us and a win for them.

  2. This sounds good and all but man I don't like the model warfare theme I love the treyarch theme I'm a big fan of the Black ops series the modern warfare theme just too slow too much campers and all that I really don't like my favorite cod is Black ops 2 in Black ops 4 specially Black ops 4 because the health system really hope one day they bring back the bo4 health system it just made guns fight so much better and it just made the game fun really don't know how to explain it

  3. Y'all can just play Call of Duty Mobile
    It's basically every other cod games in one, og maps, og guns, og, movement and it's the perfect cod game the only difference is that it's not a story game

  4. Basically COD Mobile but for PC. COD mobile has a bit of everything from all COD games that’s why I love it. COD MW guns and skins, Black Ops 2 theme, and kill streaks from all different CODs. COD mobile is the best COD game currently out rn (not the greatest COD of all time, just the best out rn)

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