The Most OVERPOWERED NPCs in Fortnite


  1. I go for snow striker and loot cave literally every game also another broken npc is that one from Mecha tem I don't remember it's name but dis shi# has an unreasonable ammount of shields I once fought a player with this npc for solid 5 minutes and still I didn't even remove that npc's shields

  2. I was using the clinger bot, and one of my friends/teammates died ( we were playing trios. His reboot was left in the storm so we decided to hire the clinger bot since it was going to be difficult with just the 2 of us. THE BOT SAVED ME AND KILLED 2 PLAYERS WHILE IN A FIGHT!! Even better…WE WON THAT ROUND! The npc is amazing and saves you from collecting Klinger's for those who collect them.

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