The Mexican Prison Break|Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2|2022|4K


  1. It's amazing how COD has come a long way from Finest Hour through all the other COD games I even bought Modern Warfare II for the PS3 which was the original COD MWII and now the one that is played is better than the original but in my opinion if you never played Call of Duty from Finest Hour to now then try the old ones first. I used to stay up all night playing COD 3 and then when I got COD 4 I was just aggravated on how I couldn't beat part of the game but managed not to throw the controller. I since bought a PS4 and now have PS5.

  2. I am currently watching a Filipino television series adapted from a movie from the 1980s, and the main character is currently held in a prison with his friends. Now, this mission is exactly the kind of scenario that I wanna see happen in the series that I'm watching.

    Some kind-hearted people willing to take it to the next level to break the main character out of prison and fight to clear his name.

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