The Journey Is Coming Back To FIFA 24…


  1. They killed FIFA when they removed the gamemode The Journey and added Volta, I hated it, I still have FIFA17 to 19 on PS4, it was one thing that made it different then been the same game every year, each FIFA game is a very expensive update of it, EA get the money from pre orders only, in 6 months its price will go down by 50%, by next year it will be £1.50(disc version) in CEX, thats what happens to FIFA everytime and I am not interested in making my own team or multiplayer games, I am only interested in playing the team I support, Tottenham Spurs, that what is was about originally, playing your team you support or the national team like England, I still think the first one made 30 years ago was better, FIFA International Soccer 94(it was brilliant on the Sega Mega CD, first time it was on a CD system) and FIFA 95 were the best, just cause it has better graphics do not make it a better game, it the same game every year, you can only do so much because it a football game so not a new game every year.

  2. NBA2K has a much better career mode. It has a storyline, but has cutscenes, sponsers, and you can go to places outside of the sport. You can buy clothes and stuff. You can also interact with other career mode players and play in a park with them.

  3. With ai there are no limits imagine an ai generated voice of critiano ronaldo talking to you in career or ai generated cutscenes based on your actual career

  4. just make the journey but make it the player career mode, important choices, interviews, interactions with agents, family etc. this would be 10x more fun and they would make so much more money like this.. just a shame that they dont listen

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