1. Once got called as a camper for LITERALLY playing the obj (it was Hardpoint)
    I wasnt even camping, I moved around the point looking for brain dead rushers while switching positions everytime I got a kill.
    Blud that aint camping, that's called tactical positioning

  2. Some kid:Real Soldier's don't camp camping is for pussies
    General:lets wait here while the enemies pass by for an ambush
    Soldier who camped in cod during a mission:camping is for pussies (runs out to the field)

  3. Personally I like sniping it’s satisfying but my camping reckoning only comes when some fucking half baked pre packaged defrosted retard starts playing like he actually has a future

  4. Its true, as an objective player in my team, people keep calling me a camper when i get more kills or less kills than them and blame me for a loss, or said they "hard carried" me for the whole game.

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