1. Said it before, kicking PC is a very short term solution. Anybody with even a basic understanding of AI in general should know that, activating cheats will be as simple as it is to speak to ChatGPT regardless if you are on console or not. The lag differential will be so insignificant that it does not matter if you are using a 3rd party system to actuate the cheats or not, in other words, console vs pc is entirely moot.

  2. Yup! Activision and all gaming "Developers" need to NOT produce titles for PC, and at no point should ANYONE with a PC be allowed to partake in ANY Tournament of any kind!!!

    THAT is the ONLY WAY we can beat these degenerate pieces of absolute shit!
    Fuckin' Scrubs!!!

    I've been saying since 1998 that Consoles are for real gamers and gaming and PC's are for work, and that PC's will eventually ruin gaming. Well, here we are and since 2014 my prediction started to become a reality. Now in 2024 the issue is now full blown across the board. Even games that were once thought to have exquisite ani-cheat software built in have been and are continuing to be compromised by these cocksucker scumbags scrubs!

  3. Ty for exposing this. I wonder if there's a way to detect the DMA cards even if they're showing up as a WiFi card or whatever else. If I were an anticheat dev, I'd have my software brick someone's PC if it detected one of these things lol

    Idk what stops this besides some sort of AI anticheat.

  4. Players used to put a stop to this by being able to run their own private servers from a separate PC and then charge a monthly subscription fee like 5 bucks to join. Then all the matches would be run with clan members on the teams instead of random player matching.

  5. I knew about this for a while… sadly I do have a DMA card, but I don't play COD and haven't since the PS3/XBOX 360. Last COD I played was the OG MW2 and BO2 on console. On PC was Custom Zombies. I'm a Software dev, and was looking into these in the past for educational purposes, Iv only ever had one COD Account and and Iv never cheated on it. But These streamers have ruined the game with this Software using it for what its not meant to be used for. Its the sad world of the lockdown closet streamers, I miss the OLD OG FAZE Clan and People like OMGItsAlia. But those days are sadly behind us. I appreciate the Work you have done on your journey @CallofShame but some things we wont ever be able to fix.

  6. I been stopped playing call of duty I just had real high hopes call of shame would shead some light into thisnand hopefully bring call of duty back but that's it he tried is hardest

  7. PS players need to turn off cross play permanently!!! And Xbox players need to turn the game off permanently until this cross play is changed!! Pretty simple… But will we do it probly not .. drop the play rate for a month and see what they do!!!

  8. You know what idgaf bout cheaters if that's average Joe's or streamers don't it just proves their trash at the game but I do think they should be a law in place if people are making money by cheating that's fraud only way to stop this scum which ain't going to happen cheating in games be going on since online gaming came about and it's got worse so you either live with it and stfu or quit playing online games simple as that

  9. facts that they was allowed to bring 3rd party application (ds4) or more to the Wz2 Lan event, still blows my mind, all these so called Wz pros, are trash without there macros and cheats

  10. Shame, love your content. I think a big push needs to be on these Pro Streamers is their camera placement, it is on purpose. PLUS, these Streamers, we DO NOT WANT TO SEE THEIR FACES, we want a camera behind them… watching their screens, all of them are rats. This video has forced me to turn off cross play, next is an uninstall this game.

  11. If the OS detects the hardware, so can the software. Just needs to be implemented. I doubt that these things come with signed drivers. And even if they mimic another device, the signed driver software for that device will throw errors.
    These things aren't undetectable they just been flying under the radar.

  12. Well, I think that's pretty much the final nail in the coffin for COD on PC and honestly, multiplayer games on PC as a whole. Not only do you have to deal with the modern multiplayer game bs of EOMM and SBMM but now PC players have to deal with cheaters across all multiplayer games using cheats that are completely untraceable meaning they can never be banned.

    Honestly what is the point in even playing multiplayer games at this point anyway? They're created solely to trick you into spending as much of your money as possible while being absolutely riddled with cheaters and patents to either kneecap you if you're a good player or give you EOMM matches after you're shit on after your inevitable string of blatantly unfair SBMM matches. They're designed at this point for absolute nolifes like these streamers or people with no job, who can just sit there for hours grinding or cheating away for absolutely nothing. Peak Skinner Box game design.

    Dropping MP games for SP games was the best decision I made when it came to gaming. AAA multiplayer gaming is completely dead, there are literally hundreds of amazing SP games out there to play

  13. Imagine being so bad at a $60 game you spend $1000 to make yourself feel better bout ya self or for streams. But it’s not hard to tell anymore watch any lan event none of these top players show up besides the actual cod events and play like trash cans the whole time. But yet these kids drop 40 bombs at home get to lan can’t get more then 2 kills why don’t they push full teams like they do at home and you have to be ray charles blind to realize no one on earth in sbmm is goin out dropping those high kill games VPNs running hacks running they gods come play with real pros and they get exposed every damn year but yet they still there every damn year I don’t find any of these big ass streamers entertaining at all cause to any real cod player the first 30 seconds of a video we can tell they cheating lot of them don’t even hide it anymore like sym was at lan couldn’t land a single shot hugest kills was like 3 first stream back home 25 kills like come on dawg you serious right now you do realize 48 hours ago we witnessed the truth about him then bam he’s a god “baiting” viewers nah dawg you a bum lol

  14. Why are we worried about these streamers if we rarely encounter them in game. There’s always been cheats.. and hackers. Why continue to make these streamers relevant by talking about them. More than half of these subs probably still watch’s these streamers anyway.

  15. Was a little hard to hear the guy talk about the DMA cheats with the music playing in the background there, after 4:22. I think the music may have been a little too loud there, but thank you again for the video

  16. Pieman is finished 😂 joewoe all of them i cgalle ege everyone to post this on tiktol im doing the same the desrve jaol sentence gaming is not that serioud mayne wtf

  17. What needs to happen is that Game developers need to stop releasing their games on PC, allow Keyboard and Mouse on console and force console only play. When you release a game on PC and have to put all your profit into fighting cheating then you are wasting time.

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