The EA / FIFA Drama EXPLAINED – Who will make FIFA 24 ?


  1. Konami has been maing Football games way before PES came. can't forget they been making games for N64 lie Innternational Superstar Soccer as well as games on sega

  2. I see comments about people want other studios to pick up the FIFA license. It is not the case that EA lost the license. FIFA wants to develop its own game to make money.

  3. I hope EA don’t lose football the way they lost NBA because before 2K NBA Live was a way better game until 2008/09. This good news for fans cuz now EA will have to improve they game every year

  4. Volta isn't new, it's FIFA Street that someone found in the back of the shed where it's been gathering dust for 10 years, dusted it off and presented it as a totally new shiny for FIFA. And i have no doubt it was added to try and milk players for FUT money by having it use an entirely separate set of cards to buy packs of.

    That, to me, is the biggest problem EA has. People don't trust them to deliver a good product anymore, they've been cutting corners for years and cutting features and leaving them out for a couple of years before presenting them as something new in the game again.

  5. Mate it’s not going to cost FIFA money for the rights cause they can get the rights though the clubs & UEFA & all of the confederacies in the game.

    FIFA are going to 2K & their games are not crap & 2K destroyed EA inthe NBA franchise & they control of the Wrestling franchise & they have their own version of Ultimate team they brought it in last year into WWE2K22 & NBA2K22.

    Plus you can design & upload their own logos & Sponsor’s & they will create what EA Sports failled to deliver & you know Jack if you think FIFA will walk away from 2K when they have the money & they create great games that EA can’t compete with.

    2K Sports took the NBA franchise from EA then EA did NBA Live & 2K mopped the floor with NBA Live.

    Fact 2K gives the fans what they want more freedoms

  6. Konami can’t touch Fifa, their football game is trash and the company doesn’t care about videogames, fuck Konami!!

    I hope that the company who gets the license can do a great football game.

    Ea maybe can do something good after this, and we can have innovations again in the football games.

  7. We all know that FIFA is just a name and EA's new football game will still be "FIFA" with a different name.
    Whoever gets naming rights of FIFA (and of course FIFA's competition licences like WC and CWC) will still have to compete with EA's clubs and leagues licences, and as we know it won't be easy. Not only that but also game modes.

  8. EA don’t have total control over football’s licenses the clubs FAs leagues & Confederations all have control over their own rights & they can sell them to whoever they want plus FIFA will build the best game with 2K & this crap was said about the NBA franchise & EA got their asses handed to them by 2K.

    That’s how PES had the licenses as well & now Football Manager has some rights including the UEFA rights.

    So EA can’t stop 2K buying the FIFA rights & getting the licenses as well.

    The only thing 2K will have that EA won’t is for freedom to create on the create a club you will be able to install logos crests Sponsors into their game.

    Plus ultimate team won’t be much a challenge cause 2K has their own version to compete with.

    2K will make a more fun & realistic game as well giving fans freedom to edits & customsize & creation freedom.

  9. Nope. You read the EA press release and believe it I see. The 17,000 players that EA has been using is through FIFPRO. It says it on every game but no one bothers to read it. FIFA owns FIFPRO. It is its players union. IF EA comes out with 17,000 player likenesses in this years game, then they are lying to us and they are still making deals with FIFA. Not for the name FIFA but just for FIFPRO. If they are telling the truth and are really done with FIFA then we will get 17,000 players that look right, but have numbers for names like NCAA football. Or maybe they'll go the old PES route and just add letters to the names. Either way nice job profiting off of simply reading an already public article and acting like its your own. We jews are proud of you.👍

  10. ماشاءالله طريقة كلامه ❤ واخر المقطع يقول عنده تشكيلة بس مايلعب فيها عطني اللعب فيها😢😂

  11. Isn’t ea sports going to make a new football game, it just won’t be able to use the name fifa ?

    Also 2k would
    Be the worst people to make a football game. Even nba2k which is their best game is absolutely trash, they’re literally the easports of basketball.

  12. I think it's great EA is dropping the FIFA name. However FIFA chooses to make their next game, it will be bad. I cannot see anything coming close to EA's game. There's simply no way any developer can match over 15+ years of improving a football game like EA has. I think of this with the NHL franchise. There's just no way a developer can pump a game out that rivals NHL immediately.
    Also, there's some leaks about online career being worked on for EAS FC. We'll see. I personally don't think the FIFA games are bad, I buy them just to play pro clubs with my friends. We've been doing it for over 10 years and pro clubs is the best mode in any game I've played honestly. The game changes year to year so you get to relearn and do new things but the loop is always fun for me.
    FUT I could care less about, I haven't touched another mode besides pro clubs in about 6 years I think.

  13. When they added Volta, they basically bundled FIFA Street with FIFA. It’s a shame they didn’t manage to bundle FIFA Manager as a massive improvement on the single player part of the game. But why would they? FUT is their cash cow, earns them more than sales of the game, so that’s why they concentrate on FUT.
    It’s 2023 and FUT still isn’t able to keep a player’s match-ratings to get an overall average over time, like FM have managed since about 1995, going way back to when the ARSE command was a thing: add it to a text document and you too could have a player who could be a nobhead like Anelka.
    THAT’S how long I’ve been playing CM/FM, back to the days when CM Italy was a separate standalone purchase. Looking back now, when we can have the English pyramid down to level 11, and nearly a hundred separate country’s leagues included in the box, plus a mod or two.
    BUT, no amount of tactic-tweaking and financial management matches the actual playing the matches. FIFA Manager tried to do both, and almost got there (in a basic way)

  14. Fifa should go with PES, and then host the Fifa eSports Word Cup. Only national teams, get all the licenses…then keep the traditional pes league scheme/career academy/focus. Prevent EA Sports from making a properly licensed World Cup game, market a massive 4 year tournament eSports World Cup, build a more in depth career mode etc…

    Let EA Sports focus on ultimate team and arcady simulations.

    Fifa should build up the pes dev team and tell them they have 2 years to build a pure simulator from scratch. Then gradually secure national team licenses and develop an in depth, AI assisted, career mode.

  15. EA fucking sucks, when I was a Play station gamer It was kinda fine but when I switch to Pc, it was the worst decision for me.

    I now hate the fucking EA word
    Been 1 month cant play my Fifa 22 tried every thing but naah,

    Same happened with Sims 4 around 2022 where I was not able to play the game for weeks I thought there was setting problems in my pc.
    But weeks later when I got the update for Origin the game started working fine.

    I mean this fucking EA got terrible app and the gamers are the one to suffer.

    Now it’s compulsory to switch from origin to EA and it’s disaster.

    I am a Fifa addicted player so its been hard for me this few weeks still now Am unable to open my Fifa 22.

    EA sucks

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