The Andes / Argentina (Infiltration Operation) Call of Duty Ghosts – 8K


  1. Acento Venezonalo en locacion Argentina? 🤨Y mas aun cuando el grupo usa español americanizado tambien?

    Creo que no pasarian ni 2 segundos ahi sin ser detectados. Igualmente no logro ubicar que parte de los Andes, dado que la vegetacion alrededor de Tierra del Fuego es casi nula si no te vas para el lado norte. Y ademas los Andes comienzan literalmente en la parte mas noreste de Tierra del Fuego, lo que hay son algunos cerros alreador de esa zona.

  2. It's not Argentina, it's Chile: this channel YT at the beginning deletes / omits the geographical location of the mission that is described in the game at the bottom of the left side of the screen 0:01

    All the missions of the extreme Southern Cone of South America are developed in Chile (Atacama Desert and the Chilean Patagonian Andes)

    In addition, at the end of the mission a submarine appears breaking ice (to later go to the Drake Pass) and in the only part of South America that could happen is in Chile (Argentina of the few glaciers it has, all, but absolutely all of them are in lakes surrounded by gigantic arid deserts for miles around) 18:15

    Curiosity: Chile has a much higher percentage of the Andes Mountains than Argentina; Chile is the eighth country in the world with the highest average mountain height and is the country where the greatest amount of snow falls in all of Latin America

  3. I remember playing cod ghost and I can tell it was dog shit the campaign sucks the villain is forgettable the multiplayer is kinda of good and extinction just sucks I was 9 years old in 2nd grade when that came out and it was just fucking dog shit

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