Shepherd Death Scene 4K 60FPS – Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered


  1. Let’s all give a stick tap to good ol general shepherd. Buddy survives a helo crash and then goes toe to toe with 2 hardened tier one operators, nearly kills one and drops a motherfucking shock and awe campaign on the other. The new MW shepherd would not last 2 seconds in a room with this gnarly motherfucker.

  2. Something about that sequence where you have to mash square (or X if you’re an Xbox player) just has me mashing that button for dear life. Almost like as if I’m physically trying to get the knife out of Soap’s chest, holy shit. Love this game to death. (Funny thing, I never knew that Shepherd saying that he lost 30,000, was actually the result of the nuke going off in COD4. Or MW1 if you prefer)

  3. THIS. This is why Soap is the GOAT. I love how he went from a rookie in the first game to THIS in the second. That’s outstanding character development right there.

  4. I am confused, were there Rangers in the Shock and Awe mission in CoD4?

    I thought they were Marines. In that case, they weren’t Shepherd’s troops. They were the Commandant of the Marine Corps’ troops.

  5. It's crazy how OG Shepard was
    • Faster drawer than Ghosty and Roach.
    • Smarter than Makarov
    • Stronger than The Price almost killed The Price in a hand to hand.

  6. Huh. I must have had a Mandela effect because I could've swore I always remembered Soap spinning the knife over his index finger and thumb to throw it back at Shepherd. Makes waaay more sense as to why I could never quite recreate the motion myself…. this is way easier😂

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